University Promotion and Continuing Appointment Review Committee (UPCARC)

Bee Gallegos, Fletcher Library, Chair (2015)

The committee provides the final university-level peer review for academic professionals for continuing appointment and promotion and makes recommendations to the university provost. The members of the committee are appointed by the university provost upon recommendation of the deans and serve three-year terms.

  • Deborah Abston, University Library Downtown (2016)
  • Edwin Gonzalez-Santin, Social Work (2015)
  • Kimberly Holst, Law (2017)
  • Jeanette Mueller-Alexander, Asup Library (2015)
  • Scott Bingham, Life Sciences (2017)

Ex officio:

  • Barry Ritchie, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
  • Elizabeth King, Assistant to the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel