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Review, Promotion, and Tenure

The Review, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) module will be used for multiple types of academic personnel actions and reviews, including promotion and/or tenure; promotion and/or continuing status; fixed-term promotion; multi-year appointment renewal; sabbatical requests and reports; leaves of absence and/or extensions; probationary reviews; and annual evaluations. 

RPT will be piloted in academic year 2021-2022 using two processes: annual evaluations and probationary reviews. If your college is interested in joining the RPT pilot for one or both processes, please complete this form and a member of the APARS team will contact you. 


  • APARS Login Instructions
  • If you are unable to access APARS or are directed to a personal Dossier account, contact Interfolio Support at help@interfolio.com, or call (877) 997-8807, 6am - 5pm Pacific Time, Mon - Fri.

Academic Personnel Accounts

  • All active academic personnel will automatically have an RPT account established.
  • However, please note that academic personnel will not see any content unless they are a candidate with an active review, or have been assigned to a case as a reviewer when the case is at a review step they have access to.

Unit Contact Accounts

New unit contacts: ASU employs Single Sign On (SSO) for access to university software. Ask your college contact to submit an APARS Request to create your account.

  • College Contact*: Requests to add/edit/delete this role requires the approval of your college's dean/dean's delegate. Please attach an approval email from the dean/dean's delegate to the APARS Request form. 
  • Department/School Contact*: Requests to add/edit/delete a user to this role are approved by your college contact (see above). College contacts should submit an APARS Request requesting access on behalf of the new user. Direct requests submitted by the department/unit will be sent back for approval by the college. 

*Required training is provided by the Office of the Provost for all new college/unit users requesting the Administrator role. After your role request is approved and training is completed, you will be able to create and manage cases for your unit.


  • It is a best practice for academic personnel to reach out to their unit contact for support.
  • Assistance after working hours is available from the ASU Experience Center at (844) 448-1074
  • For login issues, contact Interfolio Support directly
  • Additional technical support for staff is available via ServiceNow (APARS Request form)


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