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Functions of the University Program Review and Accreditation Office (UPRA)

Liaison to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

The UPRA monitors institutional compliance with HLC requirements and coordinates the institutional evaluation for continuing accreditation by the HLC every ten years. The UPRA also facilitates HLC approval of program and/or institutional changes where required. As a program prepares for accreditation, it is encouraged to visit the Higher Learning Commission website to find information about HLC standards and procedures for accreditation.

Professional accreditation oversight

The UPRA works closely with academic units and programs that seek new accreditation or seek re-accreditation. This oversight includes:

  1. Coordination of site visitors schedule and university administrators. All programs are asked to coordinate the site visitors schedules/itinerary with the UPRA – this to insure that appropriate university administrators will be available at the time of the site visit.

  2. Review of self-study draft. The UPRA will conduct a review of the self-study draft to assure a self-study that meets the accreditation criteria and guidelines and addresses any problems from previous accreditation and other issues that may be present. A written report will be returned to the program with recommendations and edits.

  3. Briefing paper. The UPRA will review the briefing paper draft (prepared by the program) and submit recommendations and edits before the final paper is distributed to university administrators and other appropriate officials. The briefing paper is an in-house confidential resource and not shared with the site visitors.

  4. The site visit report and response to the report. The UPRA will review the site visit report and the program’s draft response, looking for accuracy, completeness, and tone. Based on this review, written recommendations for the program response will be made.

  5. Accreditation Status Letter. The original letter is held in the UPRA as part of the accreditation permanent records. The UPRA will send copies of this letter to the program and supervising administrator. The UPRA will enter the date of the next accreditation review into the university calendar which is maintained by this office.

Note: Repository for all accreditation documents.

All programs are asked to provide copies of all accreditation records, reports and other documentation to the UPRA, as they become available. Records will be held in the UPRA until sent to University Archives.

Academic Program Review oversight

The Arizona Board of Regents (2-208) requires Academic Program Reviews at least once every seven years. Periodic program reviews provide a mechanism for faculty to evaluate the effectiveness, progress and status of their academic programs on a continuous basis.

At Arizona State University, the Executive Director for Accreditation and Program Review serves as the University Program Review/Accreditation Officer and is responsible for oversight of program reviews. The Office of the University Provost coordinates the Academic Program Review process, which covers all program inventory of an academic unit including undergraduate and graduate programs as well as other curricular offerings such as certificates.

Centers and Institutes oversight

Arizona State University is home to various centers and institutes that blend the passions of exceptional teachers and scholars across disciplines. University Program Review/Accreditation Office provides oversight for these centers and institutes. For a complete list, please visit Centers and Institutes.

For questions or updates to the centers and institutes, please contact