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Friday, September 11, 2015 - 12am

Please see the ASU Online topic page for the FAQs for the Global Freshman Academy. For more information you can also visit the following sites:

Monday, August 10, 2015 - 12am

Attached is an updated version of the proposed backdated withdrawal guidelines. The purpose of this document is to create more consistency and transparency when considering backdated withdrawals or academic record changes. As a best practice, our student services team at ASU Online will start copying multiple colleges if necessary (if students are enrolled in more than one course offered by different colleges) to ensure all appropriate academic units are aware of student issues when these scenarios arise. If you could please encourage your online advisors to do the same, it would be greatly appreciated. 

I will further explore the option of whether or not extending the full tuition deadline from 1-2 weeks is the right decision for our online population. Thank you all for your feedback and should you have any additional insight, feedback or suggestions related to this topic please feel free to share.


Joe Chapman
Director of Student Services
ASU Online
Phone: 480.884.1609

Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 12am

Hello AAB Colleagues,

To follow up on the “Tuition refunds and college withdrawal/backdating” agenda item as it relates to online protocol:

Enrollment Counselors

As most of you are aware, our enrollment counterparts at Pearson have a Student Services Team that is able to provide course recommendations to undergraduate online students for their first session (at the agreement of the college).  When this occurs, if the student gives their consent (which is required) the following statement is read verbatim: "Please be advised that students are required to pay all tuition and fees for any registered course unless enrollment is officially cancelled in accordance with ASU’s Tuition Refund Policy. Please review at”

Students can also give their consent via email in which case it is clearly documented in PeopleSoft.  In both cases, students receive an email confirmation referring them to the tuition refund policy which is attached (it is also mentioned in the course recommendations email which is included in the attachment as well).

Enrollment Counselors work with students up to the drop/add deadline per our contract with Pearson.  Enrollment Counselors provide contact information for their Advisor (and are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with them as a next step once they’re admitted) as well as their Success Coach as part of the transition process. Obviously, since enrollment is only involved in the first course this does not account for all subsequent classes but it does help to set the tone for the rest of their academic career.   

Success Coaches

Success Coaches work with students from the day after the drop/add deadline up until graduation.  The tuition refund policy and drop deadlines are covered in coaching conversations when a student is considering dropping.  Coaches want them to have all the information and make an informed decision.  They always try to refer them to the academic calendar and content on withdrawal/drop info on that page (to ensure they do not communicate anything in error).  They also encourage students to make appointments with their advisor and to contact financial aid in order to understand any potential financial consequences of dropping classes or altering their schedule.   


Since this varies by unit, if the tuition refund policy and drop/add deadlines are not clearly highlighted during advising appointments (especially the initial/welcome call) or in email templates then there is an opportunity there as well to ensure students are receive consistent messaging from their ASU team.   

Overall, it's a shared responsibility for all involved parties to communicate and highlight the importance of the tuition refund policy and drop/add deadlines.  If students are hearing the same message multiple times then there is a greater chance that it will resonate and prevent them from encountering these issues. 

Monday, August 4, 2014 - 12am

Hello Undergraduate Online Advising Community,

Thanks to our hard-working friends at UTO and the Provost’s Office, I am pleased to announce that My Major Map is now live for students with a catalog year of 2014-2015.  The purpose of My Major Map is to provide a simplified document to inform students about completed and remaining credits.  I have attached a couple of screenshots (image one) (image two) that show what it looks like on a student’s myASU homepage.  This tool is basically a simplified version (which excludes the critical tracking component) of the eAdvisor Tracking Tool that is available for on-ground students.  This tool should be extremely helpful for students and advisors alike.  Eventually, My Major Map will be made available to the entire undergraduate online population.  The first phase is specifically targeted new students, and was designed to support your efforts during initial advising appointments this fall. 

The following students will have access to the tool:

1.     Degree-seeking Undergraduate
2.     Online campus
3.     Active program
4.     Not postbacc (admit type is 2BR or 2BS)
5.     Not in student groups SR14, SR25
6.     Not an international student
7.     Has an admit term in catalog year 2014 (2144, 2147, or 2151)

As an advisor, you can use the “view as student” function in MyASU in order to see what the students sees.  Alternatively, you can also see these students in the Advisor Tracking Tool in PeopleSoft.  Please note that the view in the Advisor Tracking Tool in PeopleSoft has not been modified in any way, so you will see on and off track indicators, even though this indicators are not visible to the student.

A couple of important points to keep in mind:

  • ASU Online students will see the critical and necessary indicators on the tracking tool, but will not be “tracked” like on-ground students.  They will not receive negative holds or indicators.
  • Students in the following programs will not have access to My Major Map: BIS, Health Sciences BAS, Bachelor of Liberal Studies, Nursing RN to BSN, Operations Management Technology BAS, Internet and Web Development BAS.  Because of the non-sequential nature of the curriculum, we are not able to track their progression in this type of tool.
  • As for ground programs, it is important that a student’s catalog year is equal to, or less than, the first catalog year of the program.  For example, a student with a 2014-2015 catalog year should not be placed in a program which starts in Fall 2015.  This will cause an error in the tracking tool and the My  Major Map will not show up in MyASU for the student, and the student will not be evaluated.  When making manual major changes, please pay special attention to the first term valid for the program in which you are putting students.
  • Equally, if a subplan exists for a plan, and a student is not properly loaded into a subplan, the tracking tool will error out, the My  Major Map will not show up in MyASU for the student, and the student will not be evaluated. Review the new admit report and load the subplan appropriately. 

Here is the knowledge article that appears on myASU for My Major Map: My Major Map provides a customized view of your degree requirements to help track your progress throughout your program.  Courses that are completed, transferred or in progress are indicated to ensure you have a clear understanding of fulfilled and remaining requirements.  Please use My Major Map in conjunction with DARS and advising appointments to ensure you only take courses that will apply towards your program.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Joe Chapman
Director of Student Services
ASU Online
Phone: 480.884.1609

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 12am

Q:  I am working with a current ASU student attending a face to face program, who is also a Starbucks employee.  Can this student switch to an ASU Online program in order to take advantage of the Starbucks College Achievement Plan?

A: Yes, students attending face to face programs at ASU are able to switch to ASU Online programs to take advantage of the CAP program.  However, this switch can only be made prior to the start of a semester (session C) due to financial and billing issues.  Example:  A student who notifies you in September that they want to switch to ASU Online must wait until the spring semester for that change to take effect.

More information regarding the Starbucks College Achievement Plan is available in the resource section of the ASU Online page.

Friday, June 20, 2014 - 12am

Please note that new resources regarding the Starbucks College Achievement Plan are now available in the resource section of the ASU Online page.

Friday, August 24, 2012 - 12am

All things ASU Online that might interest academic advisors will pop up here. New initiatives that impact advising - such as coaching, enrollment counseling, new programs, etc.


How does a specific academic program get online?

ASU Online has to approve all changes of majors TO the online campus at the undergraduate level.

How are the enrollment call centers monitored?

ASU Online provides quality control for the call centers that manage our enrollments in Online.

What do we want you to know about ASU Online?

We are always doing new things, trying new technologies, and growing.




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