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Transfer and Articulation

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Academic units have had an increase of non-degree seeking students that require transfer courses to be evaluated for pre-reqs. In partnership with the Registrar's office and Admissions Services, we have put together a process document explaining how non-degree seeking student's transfer coursework can be evaluated - please see attached document. 

If you have any questions about the process, please email or call 480-727-2424.

Thank you!

Tanaya Dempsey | Assistant Director | Academic Transfer Credit Solutions

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Our department has made updates to NOT FND equivalencies for NAU/UA unarticulated courses. NOT FND will now be applied to any courses that are part of changes in NAU/UA's curriculum. LWR/UPR rules will be applied to any unarticulated course to assist in academic units making exceptions on student's DARS.

For more information - please see attached document (this will include additional information about in-state equivalencies as a whole). You can also contact us at or 480-727-2424.

Thank you!

Tanaya Dempsey | Assistant Director | Academic Transfer Credit Solutions

Friday, September 25, 2015

As the WICHE Coordinator for your campus, we are seeking your assistance in informing all advising staff on your campus that the WICHE-Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) is available to students who seek professional training in the following fields:  DENTISTRY, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, OPTOMETRY, OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, PODIATRIC MEDICINE, and VETERINARY MEDICINE.  (If you are no longer your campus’ WICHE Coordinator, please forward this email to the new coordinator and ask them to provide us with their contact information.)  Please note that support in the field of Occupational Therapy is being phased out as Northern Arizona University has started a program at the Phoenix campus.

Attached is a copy of WICHE Professional Student Exchange Program brochure, and a flyer, which we ask that you forward to the proper departments for posting.  Also, enclosed is a press release for your campus newspaper.  The purpose of the press release is to get the word out that the deadline for WICHE PSEP certification for training to commence in fall 2016 is October 15, 2015.   Students may access an Application for WICHE Certification at:, click on Applicant, and click on Professional Student Exchange Program.  If students have additional questions about the Professional Student Exchange Program, please ask them to call the Arizona Board of Regents WICHE Certifying Office at 602-229-2500 or go to:

WICHE’s Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) makes many high-quality graduate programs available to master’s, graduate certificate, and Ph.D. students, who are residents of the 16 participating states, to enroll in some 380 high-quality programs at 60 participating institutions.  Additionally, if the desired healthcare program is not offered through PSEP, students may check the Western Regional Graduate Program.  WRGP currently offers access to more than 60 high-quality healthcare-related degrees offered by some 43 public institutions.  Students who enroll in a cooperating program outside of Arizona through WRGP pay resident tuition.  Additional information is available at:

Additionally, Arizona participates in the WICHE Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE.)  The Western Undergraduate Exchange provides opportunities for students to attend a public college at the undergraduate level, outside their home state, at a reduced level of tuition (150% of resident tuition.)  Arizona residents may attend undergraduate programs in all WICHE states.  The WICHE member states are: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Attached is a copy of the Arizona Western Undergraduate Exchange brochure, which we ask that you forward to undergraduate advisors.  They may provide copies to students as needed.  Interested applicants should contact their institution of choice and indicate that they would like to apply as a Western Undergraduate Exchange applicant.  If students have additional questions about the Western Undergraduate Exchange, please ask them to contact the WICHE Central Office in Boulder, Colorado at 303-541-0210 or

WICHE’s newest exchange is the Internet Course Exchange (ICE) an alliance of member institutions and systems that broadens student access to online courses and programs.  WICHE ICE is an institutional tool that enables students to seamlessly access other two- and four-year institutions’ courses while using the advisory, registration, and financial aid services provided at their home campuses.  Additional information is available at:

Your assistance is appreciated in getting the word out to all the advising staff on your campus about these unique opportunities available through Arizona’s participation in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE.)

Please let us know if we can provide additional information.


Louise Lynch | Director WICHE Student Exchange Programs
W 602-229-2563 |
2020 N. Central Avenue, #230 | Phoenix, AZ  85004 |

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dear AAB Members:

We are seeking your assistance in communicating the following message to the advising community regarding a change in the process of evaluating domestic transfer credit. Currently, courses that are not in the TCG database and are older than 10 years automatically receive an “OLD” flag and appear in the “old course” section towards the bottom of the student’s DARS at the time the transcript is received.

Effective August 5th, 2015 we are eliminating the 10-year rule and introducing a new rule:

  • Any transferable course that is not in the TCG database and was taken in 1996 or later will automatically be sent to the TCG for evaluation at the time the student’s transcript is processed.
  • Courses taken prior to 1996 will now receive the “OLD” flag and continue to display on the bottom of the student’s DARS as needing further evaluation if needed for any degree requirements.
  • This change will begin for any transcripts received after August 5th, 2015 and will not be retroactive.

The text on the audit for this section will be updated to read: The courses listed below were taken prior to 1996 and have not been evaluated for applicability to degree requirements. Please consult with your academic advisor to determine if any of these courses merit additional evaluation for possible satisfaction of degree requirements.

Please direct any questions regarding this change to

With this change the number of courses that student’s and advisors have to manually submit through the TCG should decrease, with minimal impact to our processing time. This change is a direct result of advisor feedback to the Transfer Systems Development team; THANK YOU for your continued support of students and the work we do!


Lisa McIntyre, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Office of the University Provost
Arizona State University

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Attached you will find a quick reference guide for credit by exam. The document contains a list of exams with equivalencies that have change from 2013-2016, it does not detail exactly how the equivalencies have changed.

To view specific changes, please visit the Transfer Credit Guide and select “Search Credit by Exam” on the upper left corner, select the test type, test name and the date the exam was taken. This will display the equivalency for that year.  Remember, the exam date does not correspond to the student’s catalog year, but to when they took the exam. Thus any changes noted for the 2015-16 catalog will not impact students until at least next year.

As a reminder for English Exams, if the TCG states “elective credit” what that means is that the student receives elective credit for the exam they passed and they are placed into ENG 105.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Katherine Antonucci
Assistant Director
Transfer Systems Development
Office of the University Provost
Arizona State University

Friday, May 2, 2014

Hello –  

We have identified issues with the transfer credit evaluation process updates that were implemented over the last two weeks and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible. As of April 30, 2014, we have rolled back the systems to work as they did prior to making the changes. This means any student admitted after April 30, 2014 who has transfer coursework that needs to be evaluated should submit their request for evaluation through the Transfer Credit Guide (TCG).

There are approximately 220 students who were admitted between April 16th and April 30th who still have pending transfer evaluations. We are evaluating these courses and their DARs audits should be updated by Wednesday of next week. Later today, we will send a report of student ID’s to the advising administrator of all academic units who have students in this situation.

Some of you may have also noticed that the DARs audits for some students who had submitted transcripts prior to 4/16/14 have course work that is no longer showing. We have identified who these students are and are updating their audits. The audit for any student who had applied for graduation this semester who was affected by this issue should already be updated.

Lisa McIntyre, Ph.D.
Director, Transfer Systems Development
Office of the University Provost
Arizona State University

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

As of April 16, 2014, the Transfer Systems Development office will automatically evaluate any unarticulated coursework on new transfer transcripts received by Admissions Services; this includes newly admitted and current students who submit new transfer transcripts.

This video provides an overview of this new process for advisors and university staff:

A few points of clarification regarding these changes:

  • Student’s DARS audits will not show transfer credits until all of the student’s transcripts are evaluated for admissions purposes and to determine ASU equivalencies. Once the transcript is evaluated for admissions purposes, please allow 5 business days for the equivalency evaluation to be completed. Advisors can determine if a transcript is pending evaluation for equivalency through the Transfer Credit Guide (TCG) advisor view: (must be logged into myASU).
  • All transferable courses on a student’s transcript will automatically be evaluated for equivalency except in the following cases:
    • Courses that are10 years or older.
      • These courses will show in a new section on the student’s DARS audit indicating they are 10 years or older.
      • Advisors should assist students in determining if courses in this section may be applicable towards needed degree requirements. If so, courses should be submitted through the “Submit Course for Evaluation” link on the TCG.
    • Courses that require additional information for evaluation.
    • These courses will show in a new section on the student’s audit indicating the course(s) as needing more information.
    • Upper division courses in this section will be designated as upper division and count towards the student’s total upper division hour count on their audit.
    • Advisors should assist students in determining if courses in this section may be applicable towards needed degree requirements. If so, courses should be submitted through the “Submit Course for Evaluation” link on the TCG  and include a syllabi for the term the student completed the course.
  • The above mentioned new areas on the DARS audits will show for all catalog years for transcripts received after April 16, 2014. Students who submitted transcripts prior to this date should not resubmit transcripts; doing so will result in any exceptions being lost. If these students need transfer courses evaluated please advise them to submit their evaluation request through the TCG.
  • The TCG is still available for use by students and staff to search for current ASU equivalency rules and request evaluations for the scenarios outlined above. Prospective students can continue to submit requests for evaluations of courses not in the TCG database.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification regarding these changes. If you need assistance in regards to a specific student’s transfer credit evaluation, please contact

Thank you,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dear advising community,

We are very excited to announce our latest improvements to the evaluating and processing of credit for ASU undergraduate transfer students.

With this improvement in process, active and admitted students will no longer need to submit transfer courses to the Transfer Credit Guide (TCG) for evaluation. Once the official transcript is received by ASU it will automatically be routed to the Transfer Credit Guide for evaluation without requiring any additional steps by the student or advisor.

In an effort to prepare for this change in process, we will be taking down the “Submit a Course for Evaluation” page on the Transfer Credit Guide Wednesday (April 9th) at 7:00am until 8:00am on Friday (April 11th).  This information will be posted on the Transfer Credit Guide page. Please note during this time:

  • All other features of the TCG will remain available.
  • All courses submitted to the TCG prior to this date will be evaluated as usual.
  • All ASU Online student transfer credit will be evaluated as usual.
  • Please contact or 480-727-2424 for any assistance or time-sensitive issues.

We plan to launch the new transfer course evaluation process late next week. We will be distributing materials detailing these changes and how they will impact your work with students prior to implementation.

Thank you for your patience and support of transfer students during this transition period!

Lisa McIntyre, Ph.D.
Director, Transfer Systems Development
Office of the University Provost
Arizona State University

Monday, March 17, 2014

Transfer articulation has changed the messages students receive on DARS reports before their courses have been evaluated.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We have updated our business rules as it relates to the evaluation of “aged” transfer courses. This new business practice replaces the “15-year” rule.

We are now accepting submissions for all courses, regardless of year taken.  If we are unable to access course information (e.g., course description) due to the age of the course, the TCG submission will receive the “Old Course” status and our office will advise students to either:

  • work with their academic advisor (as the current process is now), in which the academic unit can make a decision for that one student based on their degree requirements OR
  • Students can provide our office with course materials (description, syllabi, etc.) from the academic year the course was taken

Please distribute this information as appropriate and update on any websites you have for transfer students.

Monday, August 19, 2013

If you need a transfer course evaluated as a prerequisite for a course a student needs to enroll in for the Fall semester, please email with the student ID and course information (transfer institution, course prefix, course number, term taken) so that we can prioritize these evaluations now through the drop/add deadlines.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

For helpful advisor information regarding how to use the Transfer Credit Guide, please review this PDF.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

For more information regarding how lower division general studies and composition requirements will be awarded to transfer students, please see this PDF.