The psychology behind US politics

When it comes to politics and partisanship, what is going on in the minds of U.S. voters today?

That’s the question Arizona State University faculty discussed during a virtual roundtable event held this week. 

“U.S. Elections From a Political Psychological Perspective” took place on Oct. 4, ahead of November’s midterm elections.

Former Olympic soccer goalie Briana Scurry shares her story at ASU event

Briana Scurry pulled out her gold medals from the 1996 Olympics and 1999 World Cup.

The "girls," she called them.

“Can I trust you?” she asked the audience at the "Title IX and Global Football" panel put on Tuesday by Arizona State University’s Global Sport Institute and the new Sport Humanities initiative in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

As heads nodded, Scurry handed the gold medals to spectators in the first row and said to pass them around.

“They’ve never been dropped,” Scurry said. “So be careful.”

ASU College of Health Solutions offers new master's degree in genetic counseling

Genetic research has captured the public’s attention in recent years as scientists have made important discoveries resulting in promising treatments for a variety of diseases and conditions.

All of that groundbreaking research has led to a need for more genetic counselors to help patients understand their risk of a variety of genetic conditions and help alleviate some of the stress in making treatment decisions.

ASU Law to host conversation about elections and federalism

How does the American federal electoral system hold up in times of controversial elections?

This question is among the topics of discussion for the interdisciplinary cast of speakers at the upcoming Conference on Elections and Federalism, co-hosted by Arizona State University's Center for Constitutional Design in partnership with the University of Wisconsin’s State Democracy Research Initiative.

ASU celebrates opening of California Center with series of events

Editor's note: Follow along with us this week as we highlight a series of events to mark ASU's expansion in California at the ASU California Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Arizona State University is marking its expansion in California with a weeklong series of events at the ASU California Center, located at the historic Herald Examiner Building in downtown Los Angeles.

Max Liboiron to deliver Labriola Center’s National Book Award lecture

In the 1950s, the plastics industry moved to shift public thinking and consumption practices around plastics from a reusable material to a disposable and mass-produced product. Fast-forward a few decades, and single-use plastic packaging and plastic waste continue to increase across the world, impacting the environment, wildlife and ourselves. 

Q&A: The drug-induced brain and how to support those experiencing substance abuse

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, observed in October, brings awareness to substance abuse and prevention efforts.

In the past year, more than 59.3 million people age 12 or older used illicit drugs. Moreover, the use of illicit substances interferes with brain receptors and the way they process information. Once that change happens, it’s difficult to change what was altered. 

ASU students develop app to help people experiencing homelessness access safe hygiene services

The challenge of finding accessible and safe hygienic resources is among one of many constant concerns for people experiencing homelessness. And with over 10,000 people without safe, secure housing in Arizona, finding solutions to support these individuals is critical.

Striving to provide solutions to this challenge, one group of Arizona State University Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions students have brought their coursework into the real world.