ASU students create time-travel experience in Dreamscape Learn

A class of Arizona State University students, who were the first to use the new Dreamscape Learn virtual reality platform, unveiled their time-traveling climate-change scenario on Friday.

The 35 students in the “Designing for Dreamscape” course presented their 15-minute final project to their peers and to visitors, including Walter Parkes, the Hollywood producer who is now CEO of Dreamscape Immersive.

Parkes, who was the producer of blockbuster movies including “Gladiator” and “Twister” before moving on to virtual reality, praised ASU for embracing the new media.

ASU Choirs 2021–22 season aims to lift all voices

Faculty and students in Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre’s six choral groups spent the last year thinking about the ways people are oftentimes unintentionally excluded.

“We made changes to the structure of our program, we examined all of our materials and we had thoughtful discussions about what we need to do to live up to our desire to include all people,” said David Schildkret, director of choral activities and professor in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre.

ASU's Allen Coral Atlas drives ocean sustainability

The ocean covers 71% of our planet's surface. And one particular underwater ecosystem provides a lifeline for life below water and life on land — coral reefs. 

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean Peter Thomson stressed the urgency of climate action, saying, "There's no more debate about are we heading towards 2.7 or 3 (degrees) or way over. ... What it's about now is, what are we doing about it? What are the solutions?”

Sun Devil Battalion wins regional Ranger Challenge Competition, places 5th overall

This fall, Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Battalion participated in the Ranger Challenge Competition, a two-round varsity sport where Army ROTC teams from across the country compete in events that test mental and physical toughness. The team placed first in the regional round and fifth in the overall competition.

A former hotel employee, grad changed major to tourism after browsing ASU website

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable fall 2021 graduates.

Dana Rowitz spent her first semester at Arizona State University realizing that the field she initially chose wasn’t for her. But she didn’t have to go far to find her true calling.

The then-elementary and special education major was browsing the university website one day — and there it was.