Trans-Atlantic alliances: Addressing challenges together

Former U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May recently joined former U.S. Defense Secretary and inaugural John S. McCain Distinguished Fellow Mark Esper to discuss all things related to the trans-Atlantic alliance as the second installment of the “Conversations With Secretary Esper” series organized by the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University.

Retiring ASU human geographer committed herself to deepening students' understanding of people, places, cultures

Elizabeth Larson was 21 when she first traveled abroad as an undergraduate student on a college winter immersion trip to Yucatán, the Mexican state known for its Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean beaches and Mayan ruins.

She visited massive pyramids and stone temples. She ate traditional cuisine, used the Spanish she knew and immersed herself into a vibrant culture that was all unfamiliar. 

ASU's new Center for Public Humanities names scholar Elisa New as director

This fall, the humanities division at Arizona State University will welcome scholar Elisa New as the first-ever director of the Center for Public Humanities in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The new center will join the division's 11 existing centers, with the goal of bringing the best of humanities teaching and learning to worldwide public audiences.

The myth of the alpha dog

Among animal behavior researchers, the concept of social hierarchy is more or less taken for granted. Most social species have one, though the degree of extremity can vary greatly. While baboons exhibit strict dominance relations, often resorting to violence to keep the pecking order, female lionesses have been known to exhibit more egalitarian behaviors, often willingly sharing resources and even mates.