Certificate program offers courses on injustice, incivility, political disengagement

Veronica Gonzales, a junior in Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, is no stranger to difficult conversations about race and gender inequality.

The junior double-majoring in political science and English has for years talked with her mother and sister about the challenges and discrimination they have faced.

ASU begins joint appointment program with National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Scientists and engineers at Arizona State University are collaborating with researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, on more than half a dozen current projects. These efforts encompass solar electricity, wind technology, hydropower, advanced manufacturing as well as grid reliability and resilience.

NREL is the nation’s preeminent U.S. Department of Energy national lab with a unique mission to lead research, innovation and strategic partnerships to deliver solutions for a clean energy economy.

ASU, Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation forge partnership to reclaim language

Recent years have seen a concerted effort by many in public-serving institutions to acknowledge the ancestral peoples and cultures that inhabited — and were often displaced from — the lands on which those institutions now exist.

At Arizona State University, for instance, whose four campuses within the Salt River Valley occupy land that was once home to Indigenous peoples including the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and Piipaash (Maricopa) Indian communities, such acknowledgements are often made before public events and even included as addendums to staff and faculty email signatures.

ASU finishes $60 million in facilities improvements

Arizona State University completed over 160 projects totaling more than $60 million ahead of the fall 2021 semester. Facilities Development and Management collaborated with several departments and partners to provide a supportive and welcoming environment across all ASU campuses and locations. Upgrades included the opening of four large buildings in Tempe, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

ASU team celebrates 20th anniversary of NASA's Mars Odyssey Orbiter arrival at the Red Planet

This year, NASA is observing the 20th anniversary of the 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter, the longest-lived spacecraft at the Red Planet; and a mission that has helped locate water ice, find landing sites and study Mars’ mysterious moons. The spacecraft launched on April 7, 2001, and arrived at the Red Planet on Oct. 24, 2001.

Let the video games begin

The chairs are soft and the screen is huge. The new esports lounge at Arizona State University is a fun place for students to gather and play video games.

But the lounge, which opened on the Tempe campus this month, is also a way for students to hone skills for a career path. The global video gaming industry is expected to be worth $221 billion in 2025, more than twice as much as in 2017.

Charting a new course for geography education

On a sunny Thursday morning at Fuller Elementary School in Tempe, a dozen sock-wearing first grade students scrambled on their hands and knees across a giant vinyl floor map of Arizona, hurrying to put their fingers on black dots representing their favorite Arizona cities. 

Instructed by their teacher Amy Evans, they were learning about populations, cities and how to become more spatially aware.