Department of Psychology hosts summer camp to help kids develop coping, social skills

The Clinical Psychology Center in the ASU Department of Psychology is again offering its online summer camp starting this June. ASU’s Skills Program Inspiring and Reinforcing Excellence, or Camp ASPIRE for short, will use fun activities, interactive games and evidence-based approaches to teach healthy coping, social and life skills that will position students for success now and later in life. 

A student’s journey toward the stars

Editor's note: ASU News reporter Marshall Terrill, photographer Charlie Leight and videographer Ken Fagan spent the past school year following Kiera Charley's journey through her first year at Arizona State University — from visiting her home in northern Arizona as she said goodbye to loved ones to making new friends. Along the way, we spoke with relatives, former classmates and teachers, ASU academics and staff members to gain more insight into Kiera's transition from the reservation to studying at a major university.

New grads ready to make a difference in health care

Future health care entrepreneurs, nurses, compliance officers and researchers are ready to make an impact in health care, having just earned their degrees from Arizona State University’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

“It is the case that you are prepared to address real-world health problems, your impact will alter the practice landscape and in some instances, quite literally save lives,” Dean Judith Karshmer told the graduates.

ASU grads receive messages of hope for the future

Thousands of Arizona State University graduates who earned advanced degrees on Monday were asked to remain positive in these tumultuous times and to use their expertise to improve their communities.

More than 5,000 people earned master’s and PhD degrees from ASU this semester, and many of them celebrated at Graduate Commencement at Desert Financial Arena on Monday morning.

ASU President Michael Crow told the graduates to be optimistic and forge ahead.

In the ‘untrespassed sanctity of space,’ an Air Force pilot soars at ASU

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable spring 2022 graduates.

What does it mean to be a standout among standouts?

It’s possible that Capt. Kimberly “Kimber” Jackson, a KC-46A instructor pilot who is graduating from Arizona State University with a graduate degree this spring, is the embodiment of that idea.

Beyond Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week starts on Monday and is celebrated annually the first week of May. But here’s the catch — not all teachers like it.

Many appreciate and deeply value the individual expressions of thanks from students and families. But they also can’t help thinking that such forms of appreciation shouldn’t be mistaken for the kinds of systemic innovations that would actually improve education for learners and teachers.