Interactive theater production addresses the housing crisis

Millions of Americans are facing the threat of being displaced from the homes they rent.

Research by Arizona State University found that in Maricopa County, where more than a third of residents are renters, a combination of factors including a lack of affordable housing and low wages is creating housing insecurity.

So how can a crisis as big and scary as housing insecurity make for an entertaining theater performance?

Fuel for the future

Most people who fill up their gas tanks give little to no thought about where the gas comes from, or the effort it takes to get it to the pump.

An online program at Arizona State University, which just celebrated its “tin anniversary," is devoted to this mission.

Report: Highly partisan US election administration should become nonpartisan to preserve democracy

If you were to read through the electoral code of any particular state, you might imagine finding a dry recitation of rules for how elections should be conducted to ensure a fair and impartial outcome.

You would be wrong, writes an ASU professor of public affairs and three other authors in a new report.

ASU South Asia expert poised to make global impact in new role

South Asia — the geographic region composed of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka — is home to the largest Muslim population in the world. Though nearly one-third of all Muslims reside in the region, existing scholarship is underdeveloped and often misrepresents and obscures the richness and diversity of Muslim identities and experiences.