20 years in: A look at President Crow's vision for accessibility and excellence in the New American University

As a child in the late 1960s, Michael Crow grasped the deep divide between the TV images of men bouncing on the moon and the struggles of the working-class families in his community.

“And my brain, even as a middle school and early high school student at that time, clicked and it basically said, ‘There’s something wrong,’” he said.

The realization at a young age that everyone needed to benefit from the new and dazzling technology was a driver for Crow.

Food for thought

What will we be eating in the year 2075? Which of our favorite foods will be off the table? And what can be done to replace concerns about scarcity with the security of emerging resources and solutions?  

ASU faculty among top female scientists in the world

For the first time, has published a list of the top 1,000 female scientists in the world. Four of them are faculty at Arizona State University.

“We are painfully aware that academic research is still a predominantly male profession, and we believe that female scientists deserve an equal chance to be represented and praised for their achievements,” the site states.  

Sun Devil pride on display at 2022 ASU Homecoming

Students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community came together on the Tempe campus Saturday, Nov. 19, to celebrate the culminating events for ASU's Homecoming week — the annual parade, block party and football game.

The parade kicked off at 9 a.m. and featured student organization floats, the ASU Marching Band, colleges, departments, community organizations and more. More than 100 tents were on display at the block party where a range of ASU departments offered fun and educational activities for the whole family.  

ASU, Wexford Science & Technology launch program to fuel life science pursuits at Phoenix Bioscience Core

In a move heralding the latest development at the Phoenix Bioscience Core (PBC), a 30-acre medical education and research campus in the heart of the city’s downtown area, Arizona State University and Wexford Science & Technology LLC have announced the launch of the Bioscience Growth Accelerator, a new program for life science startups moving or expanding to Arizona to partner with Wexford and co-locate with ASU.

State of Arizona taps ASU to lead water innovation initiative

Arizona State University and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey have announced that the university will lead a multiyear Arizona Water Innovation Initiative to provide immediate, actionable and evidence-based solutions to ensure that Arizona will continue to thrive with a secure future water supply.

The governor has committed resources and asked ASU to work with industrial, municipal, agricultural, tribal and international partners to rapidly accelerate and deploy new approaches and technology for water conservation, augmentation, desalination, efficiency, infrastructure and reuse.