6 spring ASU English classes for interpreting, creating meaning

We’ve been told that so much gets lost in translation. And this is true; intention, humor and layered meanings often go by the wayside when trying to convey an idea from one language, setting, discipline, media or culture to another.

But there’s a lot to be gained in translation as well. At its essence, translation is about carrying ideas, holding space until meaning is made or understood.

Heard Museum joins ASU-LACMA fellowship program to address Indigenous representation in the field

The ASU-LACMA Master’s Fellowship in Art History was founded four years ago as a partnership between Arizona State University and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

The goal of the program? To culturally diversify the leadership of art museums in the United States by supporting the professional growth of staff of color already employed at museums.

Exhibit uses art to communicate scientific research to community

Dyadic communication. Synaptogenesis. Repetitive behavior modification.

All very important lines of scientific inquiry that are all being studied in the heart of downtown Phoenix on the 30-acre medical education and research campus known as the Phoenix Bioscience Core (PBC), where innovative minds are engaged in an endeavor to enhance the health of the surrounding community.