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ASU historian says to examine our past, take responsibility for our future

A middle-aged woman with dark auburn hair was the last person to ask Brooks Simpson, Foundation Professor of history at Arizona State University, a question after he delivered the first Gabor S. Boritt Lecture on June 12 at the annual Civil War Institute Summer Conference at Gettysburg College.

She tilted her head back to speak into the microphone that was slightly above her head. Her voice was weary, her frustration palpable.

Cronkite professor honored for diversity and media research

Sharon Bramlett-Solomon has devoted more than three decades to researching diversity and media issues, including the workplace environment and experiences of journalists of color in the news industry.

An associate professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, Bramlett-Solomon was recently recognized for her decades of work as the 2022 recipient of the Lionel C. Barrow Jr. Award for Distinguished Achievement in Diversity Research and Education. 

Caribbean dance expert joins School of Music, Dance and Theatre faculty

Dance educator Shola K. Roberts will be joining the dance faculty in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre at Arizona State University.

Roberts is an international award-winning professional dancer, educator, choreographer and fitness instructor from Brooklyn, New York. A proud Grenadian American, she will bring her expertise in Caribbean dance and culture to ASU. 

“I feel this is an area that may not have been tapped into, so I’m thinking about how to bring this content to a population that may not be familiar with it,” Roberts said.

Juneteenth celebration to highlight Black history, excellence

Juneteenth is a federal holiday that commemorates the anniversary of the June 19, 1865, announcement from a Union Army general proclaiming freedom for enslaved people in Texas.

It’s much more personal than that, however, for Jessica Salow, Arizona State University’s assistant archivist of Black Collections.

“It’s a celebration of my ancestors, a celebration of being Black and a celebration of understanding my place and our place as Black people in this country,” Salow said.

Study: Black girls commonly have negative experiences related to their natural hair

Teasing and unwanted hair touching are just some of the negative experiences Black girls go through because of their hair, according to a new study.

Research from the Arizona State University Department of Psychology shows how prevalent it is for young Black girls to have negative experiences related to their hair. The study, which is the first to examine hair satisfaction in young Black girls, was published in the journal Body Image.

Zócalo Public Square announces 2022 book and poetry prize winners

Zócalo Public Square, a digital magazine and host of public programs, has announced author Heather McGhee as the winner of the 2022 Zócalo Public Square Book Prize and Chelsea Rathburn as the winner of the 2022 Zócalo Poetry Prize.

Awards will be presented on June 1, in person at the ASU California Center in the historic Herald Examiner Building in downtown Los Angeles, and will stream live online. 

Brandon Sumner took his education 'one day at a time’

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable spring 2022 graduates.

According to the American Institute of Physics, about nine African Americans receive a PhD in physics in the U.S. each year. This year, Brandon Sumner is one of them. 

When a mentor approached Sumner and shared that he was “walking Black history,” Sumner was at a loss for words.