Past meets future: Humanities students engage with WWI history through virtual reality

“Welcome to the front line of the war.”

Looking around, students in Victoria Thompson’s HST 130 course, The Historian’s Craft, found themselves in No Man’s Land: the treacherous, muddy tract besieged by shelling that separated the Allied and German trenches during World War I.

“Put yourselves in the mindset of a soldier who has just arrived. Think about your motivation for joining up. What do you think about what you see around you?”

Reengineering the education experience

Engineering heavily influences our daily lives and is a rapidly evolving field of study. How can higher education ensure future engineers are prepared for this growing field? To efficiently fulfill the engineering demands of tomorrow, future professionals need the right knowledge and skills, and also to represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives to contribute inclusive ideas.

Breaking bad news

Through tears, a patient in her 60s asks what she could have done differently after nurses Alina and Viva break the news that she has breast cancer.

Empathetically, the pair explain that it’s not the woman’s fault, that these things happen and, because she has had regular mammograms, it appears they likely caught it early, offering reassurance that she has done everything right.

After answering all of her questions and providing resources and contact information, they stepped out of the room to debrief.

Creating the future cybersecurity workforce

Cyberspace was once a place that seemed far removed from everyday lives — an abstract world or an online realm we logged into.

Fast forward to today and the world lives in cyberspace — from light bulbs and locks in our homes to our cars and cellphones. Just as we need people to maintain the security of the physical spaces where we live, we also need humans to maintain the security of cyberspace.

ASU, Tecmilenio University to advance workforce development training

With the goal of advancing professional development and career growth opportunities across North America, Arizona State University and Tecmilenio University, in Monterrey, Mexico, are strengthening their collaboration to close the gap between the talent currently available in Mexico and the skills most desired by employers, supported by innovative virtual education models and effective strategic alliances.