ASU welcomes more than 4K Earned Admission students

For Shannon Lauritsen, a 33-year-old hair stylist in Nashville, Tennessee, going to college was a lifelong dream. But for her, like others, the traditional high-school-to-college path was challenging. 

“I struggled to focus and succeed in high school,” Lauritsen says. “I even had a guidance counselor laugh at my desire to apply to college. After high school, I attempted a few semesters in community college, which proved even more challenging for me at the time. It significantly impacted my GPA.”

VR biology lab experience leads to student success

Students at Arizona State University are learning biology in a unique virtual reality experience, hurtling through space to interact with creatures in an intergalactic wildlife sanctuary the size of a small city and to solve the mystery of why the creatures are dying.

And the data are in to show that the experience is working.

ASU’s Dreamscape Learn biology course debuted in the spring 2022 semester for students who took Biology 181 (introduction to biology for biology majors) and Biology 100 (introduction to biology for non-science majors).

ASU faculty member gives financial planning tips for holiday inflation

As the holiday season approaches, the fear of inflation has some shoppers concerned about the cost of holiday shopping. 

A recent survey found that half of consumers are heading to stores early this year to get a head start on their holiday shopping, with nearly 20% starting their shopping as early as October. 

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