Tempe campus

This year's Prime Day: What you see is what you get

People who like a good deal look forward to Amazon Prime Day all year long.

The annual deal event exclusively for Amazon Prime members offers two days of bargains on products from small businesses and top name brands.

But this year is going to be a little different.

Instead of offering the usual wide variety of goods, consumers might have to make do with less because of a lag in the world’s supply chain — another byproduct of the pandemic.

Research: Sports venues can be hotter than weather apps show

Recent research by Arizona State University professors highlights the heat dangers in the Valley of the Sun and emphasizes the need for residents to acclimate and check temperatures.

Floris Wardenaar, an assistant professor in the College of Health Solutions and one of the team members, had two studies published recently on dealing with high temperatures.

Both studies involved measuring the temperature of athletic venues on the ASU campus.

The emergence of form: Study expands horizons for DNA nanotechnology

In the world of biomolecules, none is more iconic, nor more versatile, than DNA. Nature uses the famous double helix to store the blueprints of all living forms, drawing on a four-letter alphabet of nucleotides.

Researchers in the field of DNA nanotechnology have been inspired by the seemingly inexhaustible variety of living forms nature has fashioned from this genetic raw material. The field seeks to emulate nature’s creative enterprise and even extend the possibilities of DNA architecture beyond what nature has created.