Tempe campus

ASU communication graduate student awarded prestigious scholarship

Liahnna Stanley, a doctoral candidate in Arizona State University's Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, is one of 100 women in the U.S. and Canada selected to receive a $20,000 Scholar Award from the P.E.O. Sisterhood

Stanley's nomination was facilitated by Professor Sarah J. Tracy in the Hugh Downs School, a member of the P.E.O.'s Tempe, Arizona, chapter.

A sharper image for proteins

Proteins may be the most important and varied biomolecules within living systems. These strings of amino acids, assuming complex three-dimensional forms, are essential for the growth and maintenance of tissue, the initiation of thousands of biochemical reactions, and protecting the body from pathogens through the immune system. They play a central role in health and disease, and they are primary targets for pharmaceutical drugs.

Hailing a reborn hall

Arizona State University’s Durham Hall has been transmogrified, in the words of one of its inhabitants, from “one of the ugliest buildings on campus to one of the most beautiful.”

Thus said Nina Berman, director of the School of International Letters and Cultures, at Tuesday’s rededication of the newly renovated building.

Dean of Humanities Jeffrey Cohen talked about seeing the building when he arrived on campus: “It was not a pretty sight,” Cohen said. “I’m pretty sure I saw a mushroom in the basement.”

Not anymore.

Next-generation laboratory course developed for online chemistry students

Contemporary trends in commercial chemistry laboratory techniques are moving toward incorporation of more automation and remote access to scientific instrumentation and analysis.

Modern analytic scientific techniques increase efficiency and accuracy, and decrease costs by using cameras, autosamplers and other aspects of automation in concert with cloud connectivity to make measurements on samples and process data.