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How personality, genetics impact link between racial discrimination, problem drinking

Racial discrimination is connected to problematic alcohol use in Black American youth. 

A new study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence has shown that this connection differs based on personality traits. People who tend to act impulsively in response to negative experiences are more likely to report problematic alcohol use that is associated with racism.

Crossing barriers: How the rabbit virus myxoma leapt into a new species

Viruses are among the most protean entities in nature, ceaselessly mutating and acquiring new characteristics. These tiny entities follow a simple and relentless imperative: Infect as many host organisms as possible. Occasionally, a virus’ genomic alterations enable it to leap from one species to another, in a process known as spillover.

Art as advocacy: ASU grad builds bridges of connection through dance

Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of notable spring 2022 graduates.

Julia Chacón is graduating from Arizona State University in May with an MFA in dance and an MA in creative enterprise and cultural leadership, and beginning her requirements as a doctoral candidate in the Theatre and Performance of the Americas program. 

Finals week event focuses on mental health through fashion

Ask any college student: Finals week can often bring a lot of stress, but Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts students at Arizona State University didn’t want that to be the case for their peers this semester. 

Based on their own experiences with stressful finals, several design students brainstormed how they could bring mental health in focus. The result: a collaboration for a pop-up shop with the Mayfair Group, a Scottsdale-based lifestyle brand whose merchandise features apparel with inspirational and uplifting messaging.

Lecturer and ASU alum Gary Cabirac to retire in June

While wandering Arizona State University’s campus in the late 1970s as a self-professed chemistry nerd, the young Gary Cabirac had no idea he would return and become a beloved lecturer in the School of Molecular Sciences. 

“I enjoyed being a student at ASU; there’s an energy level of being on campus,” Cabirac recalled. “Even back then, I recognized that the Department of Chemistry, as it was known then, was an island of excellence.”