ASU Commission on the Status of Women

The work of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is directed by an executive committee consisting of four campus commission chairs, the president’s ex officio to the CSW, and the coordinator for the commission. Each campus commission is directed by a campus commission chair appointed by the provost. Each campus commission includes five to six provost-appointment members including a chair, a chair-elect and four members from each employment category (two university staff representatives, one academic professional and faculty member). One graduate and one undergraduate student are appointed for each campus and serve one-year terms; student representatives are appointed by vice president for student affairs.  Each campus commission will work on issues specific to the campus under a central theme as directed by the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee:

  • Audrey Dumouchel-Jones, Downtown campus commission chair-elect
  • Barbara Aarestad, Polytechnic campus commission chair
  • Kaylen Cons, Tempe campus commission chair
  • Sarah Nucci, Polytechnic campus commission chair-elect
  • Elaine Rostad, Downtown campus commission chair-elect
  • Amelia Huggins, Tempe campus commission chair-elect
  • Melanie Hayden Glover, West campus commission chair-elect
  • Catherine Kerrey, West campus commission chair-elect
  • Karen Engler, CSW Coordinator Sr.

President's & Provost's ex officio: Barry Ritchie
Human Resource's ex officio: Kevin Salcido

Downtown Phoenix Campus Commission:

  • Elaine Rostad, Health Solutions Administration (chair, 2014)
  • Audrey Dumouchel-Jones, ASU West Human Resources (chair-elect, 2015)
  • Shanan Bouchard, Health Solutions Student Services (2014)
  • Pamela Stewart, Letters & Sciences Faculty (2014)
  • Cookie Ellis, ASU Online Administration (2015)
  • Janina Lodej, Letters & Sciences Administration (2014)

Polytechnic Campus Commission:

  • Barbara Aarestad, ASUP Career Preparation (chair, 2014)
  • Sarah Nucci, ASUP Office of the Dean (chair-elect, 2015)
  • Jaclyn Terry, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Administration (2014)
  • Carolyn Starr, Engineering Academic & Student Affairs (2014)
  • Ginny Saiki, Academic Success Faculty (2014)

Tempe Campus Commission:

  • Kaylen Cons, Dean of Students Administration (chair, 2014)
  • Amelia Huggins, Office of Knowledge Enterprise & Development (chair-elect, 2015)
  • Jeanne Tomasiewicz, Student Rights & Responsibilities Administration (2014)
  • Victoria Thompson, Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies Faculty (2014)

West Campus Commission:

  • Catherine Kerrey, New College Advising (chair, 2014)
  • Melanie Hayden Glover, Teachers College Student Services (chair-elect, 2015)
  • RaShonda Flint, ASUW Dean of Students Administration (2015)
  • Lisa Kammerlocher, ASU West Library academic professionals (2014)
  • Karla Murphy, Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies Faculty (2014)
  • Tracy Encizo, Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies Administration (2015)