Office of the University Provost

Human Subjects Institutional Review Board

Mark Roosa, School of Family & Social Dynamics, Social and Behavioral IRB, 2014
Carol Johnston, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Bioscience IRB, 2014

The committee assures the senior vice president for the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED) adequate protection of human subjects’ rights and welfare in accordance with federal guidelines by reviewing all research projects involving human subjects prior to the initiation of data collection and by monitoring as required. The committee is appointed by and responsible to the director of the Office of Research  Integrity and Assurance, who serves as the institutional official.

Social Behavioral IRB

  • Robert Atkinson, Computing Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering, 2014
  • Leona Aiken, Psychology, 2014 
  • Michael Belyea, Nursing & Health Innovation, 2014
  • Michael Dorman, Speech & Hearing Science, 2014
  • Patricia Dustman, Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center, 2014
  • Heather Griller-Clark, Prisoner Advocate, Teachers College, 2014
  • Nora Gustavsson, Social Work, 2014
  • Vera Lopez, Justice & Social Inquiry, 2014
  • Carlos Valiente, Social & Family Dynamics, 2014


  • Eddie Brown, American Indian Advocate, American Indian Studies, 2014
  • Tiffany Dunning, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, 2014
  • Charles Katz, Prisoner Advocate, Center for Violence Prevention, 2014
  • Susan Metosky, Office of Research Integrity, 2014
  • Debra Murphy, Office of Research Integrity, 2014
  • Andrea Pittman, Speech &Hearing Science, 2014
  • Sharlene Wolchik, Psychology, 2014

Off-campus member:

  • Nancy Groppenbacher, EMPACT, community member, 2014

Ex officio members:

  • Ben Larson, Office of General Counsel
  • Debra Murphy, Director, Office of Research Integrity & Assurance, institutional official

Bioscience IRB

  • Ginger Hook, Nutrition & Health Promotion, 2014
  • Bruce Hooper, University Risk Management, 2014
  • Douglas Lake, School of Life Sciences, 2014
  • Alan Markus, M.D., ASU Health Services, 2014
  • Elizabeth Reifsnider, Nursing & Health Innovation, 2014
  • Shannon Ringenbach, Nutrition & Health Promotion-Kinesiology, 2013
  • Edward Skibo, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 2014


  • Tiffany Dunning, Office Research Integrity and Assurance, 2014
  • Susan Metosky, Office of Research Integrity, 2014
  • Debra Murphy, Office of Research Integrity, 2014
  • Christine Roberts, community member, 2014
  • Pamela Swan, Nutrition & Health Promotion, 2014

Off-campus members: 

  • James Kennedy, M.D., community member, 2014

Ex officio:

  • Ben Larson, Office of General Counsel
  • Debra Murphy, Director, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, institutional official