Sun Devil Athletics Board

Kevin McGraw, Professor, Life Sciences (2017)

The board is advisory to the president on policies, programs and other matters pertaining to intercollegiate athletics. The board, comprised of faculty and student members, is appointed by and responsible to the president (three year terms). Two student members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the senior vice president for university student initiatives, and two student-athlete members are selected by the Student-Athlete Advisory Board.

Faculty members:

  • Art Blakemore, Senior Vice Provost & Professor (2016)
  • Margaret Nelson, Associate Dean & President's Professor (2017)
  • Thomas Schildgen, Professor, Polytechnic (2017)
  • Elsie Moore, Professor, Social Transformation (2017)
  • Kevin McGraw, Professor, Life Sciences (2015)
  • Laurie Chassin, Regents' Professor, Psychology (2018)
  • David Garcia, Associate Professor, Teacher Education & Leadership (2018)
  • Mark Henderson, Professor, Polytechnic (2018)

Student members:

  • Two from ASUSU and two from SAAC to be determined

Voting ex officio:

  • Christine Wilkinson,Senior Vice President & Secretary of the University, and President of the ASU Alumni Association
  • James Rund, Senior Vice President, Educational Outreach & Student Services 
  • Frederick Corey, Vice Provost and Associate Professor (Provost Designee)
  • Jeffrey Wilson, Associate Professor, Economics (faculty athletic representative)
  • Kevin Galvin, Vice President, Media Relations

Non-voting ex officio:

  • President, University Senate  
  • Kathleen Ybarra, Chair, Board of Directors, Alumni Association  
  • Ray Anderson, Vice President for University Athletics