Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Karen Kibler, Biodesign CIDV

The committee is directly responsible for oversight of all animal programs, facilities, and procedures. The committee assures the humane care and use of animals in accordance with all pertinent laws and regulations by reviewing proposals for all university activities involving animals (prior to the initiation of teaching and research activity). The committee is appointed by and is responsible to the associate vice president of the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED), who serves as the institutional official.

  • Dale DeNardo, Department of Animal Care and Technologies (attending veterinarian)
  • Charles Arntzen, Life Sciences/Biodesign
  • Carol Johnston, Nutrition & Health Promotion
  • Federico Sanabria, Psychology
  • Tol Chesko (community member)
  • Karen Sweazea, Nutrition & Health Promotion
  • Sarah Stabenfeldt, Biological & Health Systems Engineering
  • Brent Vernon, Biological & Health Systems Engineering
  • Zoe Browning, Department of Animal Care and Technologies


  • Rayna Gonzales, UA College of Medicine
  • Clive Wynne, Psychology

Affiliated Participants:

  • Bruce Hooper, Risk Management
  • David Gillum, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Debra Murphy, OKED Operations
  • Benjamin Mitsuda, General Counsel
  • Jo Knatz, ASU Health Services
  • Tony Denton, ASU Health Services

Ex officio:

  • Tamara Deuser, Associate Vice President, OKED (institutional official)