Office of the University Provost

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Planning Committee - Polytechnic campus

The committee plans and coordinates events and activities for the Polytechnic campus annual recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. The committee is appointed by and responsible to the vice president for public affairs. The chair serves on the University MLK, Jr. Planning Committee (two-year terms).


  • To be appointed (chair)
  • Sarah Bennett, University College, 2010
  • Conrado Gomez, Educational Innovation & Teacher Preparation, 2011
  • Michael Mader, Student Affairs, 2010
  • Shannon Poling, Student Affairs, 2010
  • Wadell Blackwell, Student Affairs, University Committee representative, 2010
  • Robyn McKay, Counselor
  • Al Philips, Police Sergeant

Student members:

  • To be appointed

Ex officio: Director of student activities, representative from Polytechnic campus University Staff Council, and representative from Polytechnic campus Academic Assembly