Office of the University Provost

Memorial Union Advisory Board


The mission of the Memorial Union Advisory Board (MUAB) is to formulate, initiate, and review Memorial Union policies and practices including budget, marketing, food service, facilities, programming, and planning. The MUAB will make recommendations to the senior vice president for educational outreach and student services and Memorial Union on behalf of and inclusive of ASU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community, while fully supporting the missions of the MU and ASU and assessing the needs of the community. Student members are selected through an application process while faculty, staff, and a community member are appointed by the director and staff advisor.


  • Bennett Dwosh, Memorial Union Advisory Board President
  • Jennifer Duvernay, Noble Science & Engineering Library
  • Kellie Lowe, Memorial Union Director
  • Joel Todd, Memorial Union Coordinator Senior, Campus Life
  • Sherril Tomita, Student and Cultural Engagement
  • Daniela Vincent, Memorial Union Advisory Board President


  • Alex Dixon
  • Ireti Eni-aganga
  • Grace Hoover
  • Yazmin Lancano
  • Soren Mickelson