Parking Citations Appeals Board

New chair to be appointed

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This is a decision-making board authorized by the Arizona Board of Regents to hear appeals on parking appeals officers’ decisions regarding sanctions for parking and bicycle violations. The board is appointed by and responsible to the associate vice president for university business services. Student members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the vice president for university and student initiatives.

Staff Members:

  • Larry Carlson, New College Administration
  • Linda Elsasser, Music library Administration
  • Carolyn Landry, Law Student Services
  • Rodney Ito, CC Tempe Deskside Support
  • Lillie Johnson, University Libraries Administration
  • Chantelle Johnson, Research Integrity & Assurance
  • Bonnie Lawless, Consortium for Science Policy
  • Susan Callahan, Nutrition & Health Promotion Student Services
  • Nancy Williams, New College Advising
  • Charles Williams, DACT

Academic Professionals:

  • Smita Joshipura, Bibliographic & Metadata Services
  • Qian Liu, Collections & Scholarly Communications
  • Leping He, Bibliographic & Metadata Services
  • Betsy Redman, Bibliographic & Metadata Services
  • Dan Stanton, Noble Library Services & Government Information
  • Rene Tanner, Academic Program Services
  • Karl Weiss, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Chris Kyselka, Polytechnic

Faculty Members:

  • Jimmy Kimberly, Aviation Program
  • Elizabeth Wong, International Letters & Cultures
  • Shawn Youngstedt, Nursing & Health Innovation
  • Hasan Davulcu, Computing Information & Decision Systems Engineering
  • Sara Walker, Earth & Space Exploration


  • Connor Sonkson
  • Elizabeth Kurtz
  • Two additional students TBD by student government.