Office of the University Provost

Public Safety Advisory Committee - Downtown Phoenix campus

William Robinson, Chair
Patrick Hays, Secretary

The Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) serves in an advisory and consultative role and is responsible to the executive vice president, treasurer, and CFO. The mission of the PSAC is to make recommendations to assist the ASU Police Department (ASU PD) to be responsive to the needs of the campuses and local communities and to provide the university administration with a vehicle to receive regular input on issues surrounding crime abatement, law enforcement, public safety, and emergency preparedness. The PSAC receives comments and suggestions from the public at large, facilitates communication, provides advice, reviews complaints against the ASU PD or its staff, and makes recommendations accordingly to the executive vice president, treasurer, and CFO and/or the ASU chief of police. Employee and local community representatives are appointed by the executive vice president, treasurer, and CFO and student representatives are appointed by ASASU with the approval of the executive vice president, treasurer, and CFO.

Voting Members:
William Robinson Program Manager/PSAC Chair Parking & Transit Services - DPC
Chris Speranza Commander ASU Police
Rhoshawndra Carnes
Campus Environment Team
Jackie Young Library Information Specialist Information Commons Library
Lynn Gillen
Dominique-Claude Laroche
Patrick Hays Director/PSAC Secretary Fiscal Business Services
Joseph Amonett
Student Government
Dianne Douglas
Cdr. Assessibility Compliance
Office of Equity & Inclusion
Non-voting Members:    
John Pickens
Chief of Police
ASU Police
Brian Custer
Residential Life
DPC Dean of Students
Deborah Taska
Disability Resources
Raymon Maderas
Health & Safety Officer
Environmental Health & Safety

 To contract PSAC - Downtown Phoenix Campus, send an email to: