Office of the University Provost

Residency Classification Appeals Board

Anali Perry, Hayden Library
Jennie Blair, University Registrar's Office
Betsy Redman, Hayden Library
Jenny Mueller-Alexander, Hayden Library
Ginny Sylvester, Hayden Library
Carla Mahnke, ASUP Student Affairs
Jennifer Glawson, University Registrar's Office
Lisa McIntyre, Provost Office
Juliann Couture, ASU Libraries
Kristy Jacobs-North, University Registrar's Office
Dean Kashiwagi, Director, D.E.W. School of Construction

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This is a decision-making board, authorized by the Arizona Board of Regents and the president, to hear appeals on student residency classification. The committee is appointed by and responsible to the Office of the Registrar for multiyear terms. Student members are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the vice provost for enrollment management. 

  • Amber Soergel, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Amy Meyers, School of Letters & Sciences
  • Carrie Sprayberry, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
  • Catherine Wade, University Registrar's Office
  • Charleen Jacobson, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
  • Cynthia Patino, Barrett Honors College
  • Dan Schwimmer, College of Public Programs 
  • Rebecca Chernyha, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Diana Gonzales, Academic Partnerships
  • Erica Buschatzke, School of Letters & Sciences
  • Irma Arboleda, Assistant Director, School of Transborder Studies
  • Jason Harper, DEV Web Application Development
  • Kenneth Sullivan, D.E.W. School of Construction
  • Melissa Guy, ASU Libraries
  • Melissa Phelan, Herberger Institute
  • Michael-Anne Miller, Student Business Services
  • Olga Lykhvar, College of Public Programs
  • Renee Clark, Transfer Systems Development
  • Roger Knouff, Noble Science and English Library
  • Shari Gustafson, School of Letters & Sciences
  • Sylvia Romero, D.E.W. School of Construction
  • Tray Geiger, Transfer Systems Development

Student members:

  •  Lisa Lacy, PhD student - Curr & Inst (Special Ed) PhD