Office of the University Provost

Radiation Safety Committee

Debra Murphy, Director, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, 2014

The Office of Radiation Safety reports to the Radiation Safety Committee which is appointed by and responsible to the president of the university. The committee reviews all potential research and instructional projects utilizing radiation to assure compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.  The committee is appointed by the director, office of research integrity and assurance and responsible to the associate vice president for knowledge enterprise development. 

  • John Chaput, Biodesign EMI, 2014
  • Yung Chang, Life Sciences/Biodesign, 2014
  • Julian Chen, Chemistry/Biochemistry, 2014
  • Shelley Haydel, Biodesign CIDV, 2014
  • Carol Johnston, Nutrition, 2014
  • Pedro Peralta, Engineering for Matter, Transport & Energy, 2014
  • Matthew Walker, Radiation Safety Officer, 2014


  • Ben Larson, Office of General Counsel

Ex officio:

  • Leon Igras (or Designee), Director of Environmental Health and Safety