Office of the University Provost

University Academic Council


The University Academic Council includes the president-elect, president, and past president from each of the four campuses.  It is the Senate's executive board and core of the Senate's Executive Committee (which also includes Senate committee chairs and ex officio members.)  The UAC chooses one of the four presidents to serve as its chair and the Senate's presiding officer.

  • Tom Schildgen, University Senate President
  • Sandra Mayol-Kreiser, President, Downtown Phoenix campus
  • Brenda Hosley, President-elect, Downtown Phoenix campus
  • Cristi Coursen, past president, Downtown Phoenix campus
  • Chouki El Hamel, President, Tempe campus
  • Cynthia Tompkins, President-elect, Tempe campus
  • Helene Ossipov, past president, Tempe campus
  • Barbara Guzzetti, President West campus
  • Martin Matustik, President-elect, West campus
  • Julie Murphy-Erfani, past president, West campus

Ex officio non-voting:   Chris Kyselka, Secretary of the University Senate, Tempe campus