Office of the University Provost

University Promotion and Tenure Committee

Linda Demaine, Law, Chair

The committee reviews all petitions for promotion and tenure and makes recommendations to the university provost. The committee and the committee chair are appointed by and responsible to the university provost.

  • Pierre Deviche, Life Sciences
  • James Eder, Human Evolution & Social Change
  • Linda Essig, Film, Dance & Theatre
  • Ed Garnero, Earth & Space Exploration
  • Keith Hjelmstad, Sustainable Engineering & the Built Environment
  • Lina Karam, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
  • Andrew Kirby, Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Gary Ladd, Social & Family Dynamics
  • Martha "Molly" McCartney, Physics
  • Joan McGregor, Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies
  • Gerald "Jerry" Miller, Public Affairs
  • Breandan O hUallachain, Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning
  • Victor Pambuccian, Mathematics & Natural Sciences
  • Kathleen Pigg, Life Sciences
  • Rajiv Sinha, Marketing
  • Hans Van Der Mars, Educational Leadership & Innovation
  • David Van Fleet, Agribusiness
  • Mark Von Hagen, Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies
  • Sunil Wahal, Finance
  • Carolyn Warner, Politics & Global Studies 
  • Gary Waissi, Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Ex officio:

  • Barry Ritchie, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
  • Chantel Powers, Academic Personnel Analyst