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University Senate - University Services and Facilities Committee

Francisco Lara Valencia, Chair, Transborder Studies, 2013

The committee serves in an advisory capacity in the study, clarification and formulation of policies and procedures in areas affecting the university, including public relation initiatives at the legislature and legislative coffees, campus master planning and policy review for special use of facilities on campus. Membership: Eleven senators elected by the senate, including five from the Tempe campus and two each from the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic and  West campuses.

Downtown Phoenix campus members:

  • Steven Hooker, Exercise and Wellness, 2014
  • Rajni Nair, Science, Mathematics and Social Science, 2013

Polytechnic campus nembers:

  • Chris Kyselka, Collaboratory, 2014
  • Tom Schildgen, Engineering, 2014

Tempe campus members:

  • Francisco Lara-Valencia (Chair), Transborder Studies, 2013
  • Kristin Hoffner, Kinesiology, 2014
  • Katie McLin, Music, 2013
  • Jesus Rene Villalobos, Computing Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering, 2014
  • Lisa Whitaker, Social and Family Dynamics, 2014

West campus members:

  • Ron Zambo, Teacher Preparation, 2014
  • Alan Goldman, Management, 2013

Ex officio members:

  • president of the university
  • president of the university senate