Office of the University Provost

IT Leadership Council

Gordon Wishon, Chief Information Officer

The University Technology Office Information Technology (IT) Leadership Council is an advisory group established to provide guidance and vision to the Chief Information Officer about technology investments, future directions and advancements in technology, and effective use and application of information technologies on the Arizona State University campuses.

Members of the IT Leadership Council are selected based on the knowledge, skill, and expertise they bring to the group; not all ASU business areas will be represented. A goal is to keep membership limited to 15 or fewer in order to provide optimal time and opportunity for full engagement of the group.  Members are expected to attend meetings and participate in lively discussion, exploration, and debate.

Membership tenure will be a two- to three-year appointments, with members rotating off at 12-month increments to keep the membership full and consistent.  The IT Leadership Council governance consists of a chair (Gordon Wishon), an elected co-chair, and a secretary.

  •  Gordon Wishon, Chief Information Officer, Chair
  • Art Lee, Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel
  • Charles Kazilek, Research Professional Sr. (FSC), School of Life Sciences
  • Tamara Deuser, Office SVP Knowledge Enterprise Development
  • Curtis Overall, Director Research Informatics, Office SVP Knowledge Enterprise Development
  • Debora Whitten, Assistant Vice President, UTO Planning & Programs
  • Frank Timmes, Professor, School of Earth & Space Exploration; Director, ASU Advance Computing Center (A2C2)
  • Jill Andrews, Assistant Vice Provost, Enrollment Marketing & Communication
  • Kari Barlow, Assistant Vice President, ASU Online Administration 
  • Larry Miller, Assistant Dean, Engineering Technical Services
  • Linda Glover, Associate Vice President, Education Outreach & Student Services
  • Philip Konomos, Administrator & Learning Resource Specialist, Cyber Infrastructure Services
  • Rudy Beliavia, Managing Director Business/Financial, Office of Business & Finance
  • Saul Morse, Director, Information Resources, ASU
  • Tracy Grunig, Director, University Audit & Advisory Services, University Audit & Advisory
  • William Kennedy, Associate Athletic Director, SDA Administration 
  • Vince Boragine, Chief Technology Officer, WP Carey School of Business