Provost and Enrollment Strategic Communications

Provost and Enrollment Strategic Communications serves the media, design, web and marketing needs of the provost’s offices.

Submitting a work request

  1. To submit your request, complete the work order form (ASUrite ID required). Complete all fields in the form. Experiencing a problem?

  2. Additional documents required for the completion of the job request need to be placed in the Submitted Docs folder in Google Drive (ASUrite ID required).

  3. Upon submission of the work order, your job will be placed in the queue and you will be contacted within 2 business days*.

*If you are in the provost’s office and have an urgent or emergency request, please include in your subject line and contact directly.

Website editor access

Lead editors must submit a request to add additional editors to assist with maintaining updated content on, please sign in and complete the Provost website content editor request form.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my request require a work order?

Please use the work order form for all requests. The requests are automatically added to a queue and our staff is notified of the new submissions immediately. This assists our staff in keeping track of requests and ensures yours will be addressed in a timely manner.

By when do I need to submit a work order?

In order to help us meet our deadlines and yours, please plan in advance and submit your request as early as possible. Please allow for a minimum of two weeks to complete. 

For email banner requests, please submit requests with at least four-weeks’ notice to allow adequate time to complete the request and meet the two-week deadline.

What information do I need to provide?

All requests need to be accompanied by fully finalized, proofed and corrected content/text. Please refer to the ASU Brand Guide.

Incomplete materials will result in a two-week delay in delivery (minimum). Please plan in advance as our work volume is high.

Do you provide services for my office/department?

Provost and Enrollment Strategic Communications serves the media, design, web and marketing needs of the provost’s offices, centers and departments. If you are uncertain whether or not your office/department falls under the provost office, please contact

I have updates, changes, or corrections for a page on the Provost site. Who do I contact?

Please contact the department in charge of the section the page falls under; this information is usually listed within the section.

If you are still uncertain who to contact, submit a work order to Provost and Enrollment Strategic Communications and include the URL to the page(s) that needs updated and the updates/corrections. In most cases, these updates can be completed quickly. 


If you are experiencing a problem with the work order form, please refer to the questions and solutions below before emailing for assistance.

How do you use ASU's Google Drive?

If you are unfamiliar with ASU's Google Drive, please visit the Google Drive Help Center.

You must be logged in to myASU to access ASU's Google Drive.

I went to the work order form and got a "You need permission" message.

If you receive a "You need permission" message when attempting to submit a Work Order, it usually means you are trying to access the form while signed in with a personal Google account or not signed in to Google at all.

You must be logged in to myASU to access ASU's Google Drive.

Sign in to MyASU and select Google Drive from the left sidebar. There will be on-screen instructions to switch from your personal account to your ASU Google Account.

How do I add documents to my request?

To add a document to the shared folder Submitted Docs, simply drag and drop your document from your computer to the folder in your web browser.

Gallery of work

Check out our gallery to view examples of work that we can produce to meet your specific needs.

Gallery of Provost Communications projects

Media Contacts

Margaret Coulombe
director of executive communications


Centerpoint, 419
660 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281