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Course Campus Offering

A course campus offering is a single course offered on one or more campuses by one or more academic units. Every course in PeopleSoft is identified by a course ID (separate from prefix or number) which houses the course catalog data. Under each course ID, there is one or more offerings associated with different academic groups for the purpose of scheduling classes. When classes are scheduled, each class is associated with a single offering.

To add or remove a course campus offering, use the Modify Course Form in Curriculum ChangeMaker.

The following rules apply to course campus offerings. They must match in:

  • Subject
  • Number
  • Title
  • Description
  • Course components
  • Units
  • Grading basis
  • Repeat for credit rules
  • Enrollment requirements
  • Topics (if any)
Each new offering will inherit the following attributes from the existing campus offering(s) and must adhere to established requirements:Fees: A separate request must be submitted for each course campus offering; class fees are specific to college, campus, and instruction mode.