Curriculum Development

Submitting a Review

You must be designated as a Reviewer Leader at a review level in order to submit a review.

After logging in to Curriculum ChangeMaker, if there are forms to review or needing revisions, a link will appear for each. (If there are no forms needing to be reviewed or revised, no links appear.)

Clicking on the ## Pending Review link brings up all forms waiting for review at whichever level(s) you are Reviewer Leader. Clicking on the ## Need Revision link brings up all forms that are editable (forms you created that have been marked as needing revisions). If you are a form Originator, you can also click on the My Forms link to find all your forms.


Submitting a Review


Designated Curriculum ChangeMaker Contacts are able to review and approve (or review and mark as needing revisions, or not approve) forms out of both the Department Review and College/School Review levels. To submit a review, click on the ## Pending Review link. All courses pending review display.

Click on the course you want to review. The course details display along with action links. Click on the Review Form link to submit the review.


Submitting a Review - click on Review Form


Click on the dropdown menu in the "Approved" field to mark the form as "Approved," "Needs Revisions" or "Not Approved". Click on the dropdown menu in the "Route To" field to send the form back to the Department Review level.

When marking a form as needing revisions, leave clear instructions for the Originator and others in the review process to see what needs to be revised. Note that, as a Reviewer Leader, all comments that have been submitted for a course are displayed while you submit your review, helping you incorporate all collected feedback.


Submitting a Review - route and leave comments


When done, click the "Continue" button. Once the review is submitted, the form becomes editable for the Originator to make necessary edits. The form is pulled out of the review process until the form is resubmitted by the Originator. At that time, the Reviewer Leader at the review level the form was sent back to can then submit a review to move the form forward (if all changes are correctly made).