Maricopa County Attorney's Office

301 W. Jefferson, 8th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Contact: Joseph Domanico

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office (MCAO) generates an immense volume of legislative activity annually. The Office is concerned with the technical aspects of legislation that will directly affect the prosecution of cases, and with writing legislation that will enhance the traditional law enforcement objectives to apprehend and hold criminals accountable for the crimes they commit.

From the opening day of the legislative session to sine die, MCAO legislative activity is intense and MCAO staff assigned to legislation will frequently work overtime hours. This assignment is an excellent opportunity for interns majoring in public administration, criminal justice courses, political science and social science programs.

The following tasks will be assigned to the designated MCAO intern:

  • Bill tracking via LOLA-Legislation On Line Arizona and Arizona News Service Daily Record;
  • Daily filing: Bills received, all amendments and other pertinent information;
  • Legislative Committee meetings:
  • Prepare folders for MCAO legislative liaisons for each committee (copy bills, amendments, etc)
  • Schedule meetings with legislators to discuss MCAO legislation;
  • Attend legislative committee meetings;
  • Track MCAO staff who will be testifying: provide copies of bills, notify regarding committee meetings, assist with preparation to testify;
  • Be available to deliver materials to House and Senate for MCAO staff who will be testifying;
  • Provide information to legislators when calls are received regarding MCAO legislation;
  • Prepare summary sheets, background information, handouts and supporting documents for committee testimonies during the session;
  • Assist with preparation of end-of-session legislative summary to be distributed to MCAO and criminal justice agencies.