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What are your classes?

You will need to take the following classes along with your other scheduled general education classes to make a complete schedule.

Fall classes

UNI 110
Critical Reading and Thinking

Designed to improve critical thinking skills through active discussion, debates and writing with an emphasis on argument analysis and information literacy.
COM 100
Introduction to Human Communication
Designed to introduce intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, performance studies and rhetoric.
ASU 150
The LEAD Project I
Designed to help students learn how to think critically and manage a project from inception to completion. Through course discussions and assignments, students examine connections between their work in other courses and ASU 150.

Spring classes

ASU 151
The LEAD Project II
Designed to help students develop in academic areas, while also gaining essential career skills in creativity, problem solving and teamwork.
PHI 103
Principles of Sound Reasoning
The course aims to develop intellectual maturity, placing emphasis as much on how to think as on what to think. Students gain the needed skills to craft critically evaluate chains of (alleged) sound reasoning and eventually create your own argument.

TWC 294
Storytelling with Data