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Students get a mentor?

Yes, that is right! The LEAD Project provides mentors that have been through the program during their freshman year so they are fully knowledged and trained of the coursework and expectations in the classes.

The mentors are currently students themselves of sophomore year and above! What is so fantastic about this is that the mentors can then relate strongly to their students as they are going through similar college experiences right now, along with them. They have been in your shoes, where you are all going to be this year, entering college! The role of your mentors are to help support and guide you in order to help you build a solid foundation by this support in your freshman year so that you can be successful in your entire college experience, both in and out of college and after you graduate!

They are here to help you in any way possible as they have been through the courses and know what the homework is like, what is expected in the  assignments given, and are a very useful resource for just about everything you need to know about college life at ASU, pointing you in the right directions to take advantage of everything ASU has to offer you as a student!

ASU LEAD Program mentors - 2017