Teaching and learning remotely

As ASU continues to monitor COVID-19, the university has transitioned from in-person teaching and learning to remote options. The university’s primary goal is the continuation of classes and the commitment to high-quality delivery of learning, so that all students can progress toward their academic goals uninterrupted. 

Please use the following pages to learn more and review resources available to you so that you are prepared to teach, learn and work through digital remote options.


ASU faculty can look to the Teaching remotely at ASU web page as a central resource of information and links to various support materials to make the transition as seamless as possible. Zoom, Canvas and Slack are available for hosting and managing in-person classes at ASU.


Classes can be attended remotely and as scheduled through Zoom or through Canvas. Each professor will provide you clear instructions on how each individual class in your schedule will be offered. Visit the Learning remotely at ASU page for more information.

Zoom logoFor courses that meet virtually during their normal scheduled time, ASU will use the audio and video conferencing tool Zoom, with your Zoom links available in My ASU.

Dual factor and VPN connection: If you need to connect to network drives or services, review the support pages to connect to VPN services using DUO two-factor authentication.


24/7 support: If you need further support or have questions, get in touch with the ASU Experience Center.

ASU staff can meet, communicate and collaborate through virtual settings. Visit the Telecommuting Guidelines and Considerations web page for guidelines, recommendations and tools for effective remote working.


ASU updates on COVID-19

View university announcements, updates and additional information on COVID-19.