Learning remotely at ASU

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ASU updates on COVID-19

View university announcements, updates and additional information on COVID-19.

As ASU continues to monitor COVID-19, the university has transitioned from in-person teaching and learning to remote options. The university’s primary goal is the continuation of classes and the commitment to high-quality delivery of learning, so that all students can progress toward their academic goals uninterrupted.

What to expect

  • Your instructors may use a combination of Zoom, Canvas and Slack to deliver your classes, enable discussions and make all aspects of learning happen remotely.
  • You should be prepared to use these tools to connect with your instructors and other students to continue work that you were doing on campus.
  • If your class is taught in a lab, studio or performance space, your professor will let you know if the class will meet in person.
  • You will be contacted by your professors directly about how they plan on teaching your classes. Please keep an eye on your email, Canvas or however your professors normally communicate with you. Please note that each professor may manage their class differently.

Textbook access

If you are unable to access textbook materials required for your course, no-cost digital textbooks are available from RedShelf and Vitalsource. Log in using your ASU RITE email address to find and view course materials from participating publishers.

Laptop and hotspot check-out

If you are a student who was previously using ASU computer labs, or are a student who does not have a computer or internet access at this time, we are able to provide to help you, based on a limited supply of devices. Laptops and hotspots can be reserved by applicable students leveraging a check-out process at the library, and the equipment will be available for pick-up or shipping at this time. Technical support for set-up will be provided by the University Technology Office and students will be able to turn to the the ASU Experience Center Help Desk for additional support as needed. Start the check-out process.

Instructions for learning in Zoom 

Attending live (synchronous) classes and meeting with other students is made possible through Zoom. As ASU's centrally supported, easy-to-use video conferencing platform, Zoom provides high-definition, interactive collaboration tools and telephone conferencing to use for hosting your classes. 

Access and launch Zoom directly from My ASU and enter your ASURITE UserID. For more information, view the Zoom guide for students.

If you are notified that your class will be held in Zoom, you will be prompted to join class through the “Attend Remotely” button that will appear on My ASU.

 My Classes

Test your audio and video before class. If you are experiencing a low bandwidth signal, shutting off your video will help. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, there are call-in number options (with international options).

Learn and manage classwork in Canvas

ASU's Canvas learning management system makes it easy to continue your learning experience remotely. Your instructor might use Canvas to communicate course announcements, assignments, discussions, quizzes and exams, and grades.

If your instructor is using Canvas, you will be able to access your class via the course link on My ASU. If you are new to Canvas, you can take a brief tour of a course. View the full Canvas guide for students.

Join class discussions in Slack

Slack is ASU’s collaboration hub that enables real-time communications and connections in a searchable platform for learning, instant messaging and content sharing. Every course at ASU can have its own dedicated workspace in the ASU community if an instructor requests it. Slack has hundreds of app integrations at ASU, including Zoom and Outlook, to enable you to launch instant meetings and more.


On-campus student services

University housing, computer labs, food services, health clinics, counseling services, research labs, and all other aspects of the university remain open.

Libraries and academic services

Please go to https://lib.asu.edu/hours for the latest information. All other academic services remain open, including advising, tutoring and first-year coaching.

Students with disabilities

Accommodations will continue to be administered, and the Disability Resource Center will continue operations to assist you in learning remotely.  If you need additional support or information, contact your Disability Access Consultant (DAC) via their email, phone, or Zoom conference.

If you haven’t previously used DRC services but need accommodations, you may register with our office using the New Student Application. DACs can complete your intake by email, phone, or Zoom conference.

For more information on the DRC’s continuity plans, please see the DRC website or contact us by phone at 480-965-1234 or by email at DRC@asu.edu.

Important note for international students

Attending classes remotely via Zoom and/or Canvas fulfills federal regulation that students on F and M nonimmigrant visas must be enrolled in a full course of study. This unique and temporary situation does not impact your student visa eligibility.

We invite international students to read the Broadcast Message by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement which details this decision. The ASU International Student and Scholar Center (ISSC) will provide documentation to ICE about the university’s continuity plans. 



24/7 support from the ASU Experience Center

The ASU Experience Center is open 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have questions or need support, get in touch now.

ASU updates on COVID-19

View university announcements, updates and additional information on COVID-19.

ASU Online students

The impact of ASU moving to teaching and learning remotely will be minimal, if even noticeable, for online students. However, it’s important that you understand what will happen during unforeseen emergencies that result in campus classes being remote.

During this time, your online classes will proceed as normal, which means you will be able to access your courses directly through My ASU and Canvas. 

Your success coach can continue to be your main point of contact with the university. However, other university staff may be working remotely to assist you, so you may experience longer wait times in making academic advising or other appointments.  

If you have any course-specific questions or face circumstances that impact your ability to progress in your courses, please be sure to connect with your faculty members to make them aware. Faculty members will have the most up-to-date information regarding the course they are teaching. 

As a best practice, keep the contact information for your success coach and faculty members within reach — store these in places other than on your computer.

Be sure to check your ASU email regularly to stay up to date with communication from the university and faculty members.