Strength in transferring with MyPath2ASU

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Maria Perez Martinez and Shanae Germick are two students who transferred to Arizona State University and took advantage of leadership positions, each finding success during their time at the university.

Perez Martinez, who is studying biomedical engineering, transferred from Cochise College and was part of the MyPath2ASU pathway program.

Perez Martinez and her family moved to the United States from Mexico when she was a teenager. After struggling to decide what she wanted to do after high school graduation, she enrolled at Cochise College and eventually transferred to ASU. 

Here, she is interviewed by her friend and fellow transfer student Germick about her transfer experience, and the excitement, nervousness and opportunities that accompanied the transition into the university. 

Tips Perez Martinez has for transfer students: Ask for help and sign up for an ASU pathway program.

"The pathway program helped me figure out what classes I was missing and what classes I needed to take at my community college to transfer to ASU as a true junior," she said.

More information on joining ASU's transfer pathway program. More information on transferring to ASU.

Renee Beauchamp