ASU and State Farm are shaping the future of education and work

A Changing Workforce

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, nanotechnology, 3D technology, genetics, and biotechnology are complimenting and magnifying one another, and are changing the way we live and work. While this coming transformation holds incredible promise, it challenges employers, students, and the workforce to adjust learning outcomes, occupations, workplace responsibilities, and even the nature of work itself. 

Arizona State University is committed to ensuring that those whose jobs will be impacted by new technology developments still have opportunities in the changing economy.  Higher education has an important role to play in preparing learners to compete and succeed in a technologically advanced, STEM-driven workforce. To ensure the achievement of each student, regardless of age or point of entry to higher education, ASU is partnering with State Farm to deliver a program that meets the academic, financial, and support needs of all learning communities.

Pathways for the Future is comprised of four core components:


Academic Tracks, Financial Support and Incentives, Tools for Success, and the State Farm Career Transition and Success Program. These components work together to ensure that Pathways Scholars receive the appropriate curriculum and instruction necessary for 21st century employment; that they are guaranteed access to quality education without undue financial hardship; and that they are able to find employment and job satisfaction in a career that aligns with their educational attainment. 




Pathways for the Future: Creating Tomorrow’s Workforce (PFF) is a forward-thinking education and career development program that equips learners with the knowledge, mindset, and skills necessary for life and work in the 21st century.  PFF takes a personalized and comprehensive approach to 21st century higher education.  It’s not simply about learning a set of skills, such as computer programming, but is an active and adaptive learning mindset. Creating connections – with other students, faculty, peer mentors, future employers, and the community – will be essential to empowering lifelong learning.

Meet the 2020 Cohort of State Farm Pathways for the Future Scholars

pff students





This year’s inaugural group of students is exceptional. We are incredibly excited to welcome them to the Pathways for the Future Program and look forward to seeing their success. This year we are welcoming scholars from all backgrounds and interests for their study in subjects such as electrical, environmental, and biomedical engineering,business data analytics, sustainability, and marketing. We also have scholars who are committed to improving their communities as part of an ethos embedded into their career goals, such as work in the nonprofit and public sector, and through corporate sustainability initiatives. 

Scholars are entering the Pathways program with a wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds. Our Career Program, housed within ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services, is poised to meet many different needs. Inaugural PFF scholar, Erin O’Connor, says, “As a working parent and full time student, time and finances can be stretched thin these days. I was inspired to apply after reading about State Farm's commitment to assist scholarship recipients in more ways than one. Other than the financial help, I was intrigued at the additional professional guidance and resources State Farm is willing to provide for it's scholarship recipients.”

Preparing State Farm Scholars for the changing workforce

Each of our scholars will meet regularly with the Pathways for the Future Program Coordinator and receive career guidance from Career and Professional Development Services along with career centers at each of the partnering colleges at ASU - WP Carey School of BusinessFulton Schools of Engineering, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Scholars will establish career goals and develop a plan to achieve them during the duration of their time in the program.  In addition to one on one career guidance and support, scholars will be able to take part in informative workshops, networking events, and mentoring. “Career is often a stressful and confusing topic for students. I’m hoping through the tailored services offered by the program, we can ensure our scholars are able and confident in their ability to adapt and weather economic and industry changes, and of course, successfully take those first steps after finishing their time at ASU,” Claire Michael, Pathways Program Coordinator, explains. 


headshot    Joanna Henderson, Pathways for the Future Career Success Program Manager