University Program Review and Accreditation Office

University Program Review and Accreditation Office

University Program Review and Accreditation Office


All Arizona State University academic programs are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Welcome to the University Program Review and Accreditation (UPRA) Office

The University Program Review and Accreditation Office is housed within the Office of the University Provost, and is responsible for ensuring the quality education provided at Arizona State University. We do this through a few branches of work which are outlined below. Please visit our individual web pages to get a more detailed overview of each section.

Liaison to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

The UPRA Office monitors institutional compliance with HLC policies and assumed practices and coordinates the institutional reviews for continuing accreditation by the HLC. UPRA also facilitates HLC approval of program and/or institutional changes when required. Currently, our big project is preparing for our ten-year HLC comprehensive reaccreditation visit in 2022–2023.

Specialized accreditation oversight

The UPRA Office works closely with academic units and programs that seek new accreditation or seek re-accreditation from external governing bodies. These accreditations ensure our programs adhere to industry and national standards. Our oversight includes coordinating meetings between site visitors and university administrators, reviewing self-studies and briefing papers, collecting site visitor reports and responses to the report, as well as acting as the repository for all accreditation documents.

Academic program review oversight

The Arizona Board of Regents (2-208) requires academic program reviews at least once every seven years. Periodic program reviews provide a mechanism for faculty to evaluate the effectiveness, progress and status of their academic programs on a continuous basis. The UPRA Office is responsible for oversight of program reviews. Our office coordinates the academic program review process, which covers all program inventory of an academic unit including undergraduate and graduate programs as well as other curricular and co-curricular offerings. The reviews include a review of faculty contributions to the unit, facilities and resources, attention to missions, and many other aspects of the unit to ensure continuous quality improvement.

Centers and institutes oversight

Arizona State University is home to various centers and institutes that blend the passions of exceptional teachers and scholars across disciplines. Our centers and institutes address large, complex problems and challenges facing society in hopes of finding solutions and making the world a better place. University Program Review and Accreditation Office provides review oversight for these centers and institutes.