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Undergraduate research

Research is experiential education and a complement to your classroom experience at ASU. As an undergraduate, you can work with faculty, graduate students and other undergraduates to transform your knowledge into actual practice — whether it is developing alternative energy from sunlight, next-generation nanoelectronics or creating your own entrepreneurial experience to launch a business.

Search research and internship opportunities

There are longstanding research and internships programs established in many academic units. Some of these are captured in the tabs below. However, for more specific individual research or internship experiences please work directly through Handshake.

Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies: internships

The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is pleased to offer hands-on experience in publishing and marketing for undergraduate students at ASU. Interns will work directly with ACMRS staff and scholars on projects that will have a direct influence on the Center.

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ASU Art Museum: experiences and internships

We encourage students to take advantage of the direct and powerful learning experiences available with access to artists and artworks provided by the ASU Art Museum.


Barrett, The Honors College

Research provides students the opportunity to work alongside faculty members on a project. Students learn and develop skills such as, but not limited to: critical thinking, data collection, and analysis of information from different sources

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College of Health Solutions: internships

The College of Health Solutions Department of Speech and Hearing Science internship opportunities.


College of Integrative Science and Arts Interdisciplinary Studies: internships

Having experience in your chosen field is incredibly important. Not only will you solidify your career aspirations, but you will be able to apply theories and concepts you have been learning, in a professional work setting.

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Department of English: internships

English majors engaged in an internship have opportunities to see the value of an English degree beyond the more typical fields of teaching and tutoring.

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Department of Psychology: Undergraduate Research Opportunities

In the Department of Psychology at ASU Tempe, you'll have the potential to work with renowned faculty on research projects in more than 40 high-tech laboratories geared toward solving society’s biggest challenges


Economics: research and Internships

Students interested in pursuing a PhD or research-oriented career may benefit from completing a research assistantship after graduation and before applying for a graduate program. Below are recommended research assistantships, internships and other post-graduation employment with federal agencies, universities and think tanks.


Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation: Research opportunities

The Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University is committed to providing an inclusive, health care and health outcomes-focused research experience directed at serving individuals, families and communities, and affording undergraduate students of all majors the opportunity and resources to explore their research interests and ideas with guidance from experienced Edson College faculty researchers.


Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative

Enhance your engineering and technical undergraduate curriculum by providing hands-on lab experience, independent and thesis-based research.


Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts: internships

Internships can be a great way to build experience in your chosen field.


International Students: Fulton Engineering internships

We provide an extensive support system for our international student including special courses,  extracurricular activities and CPT/OPT internships.


Internships for New College students

College internships provide valuable real-world experience. Through internships, you'll apply what you learn in the classroom and gain new skills in your field of study.

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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Summer Research Internships (SURI)

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University offers paid summer research internships for qualified U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and volunteer positions for international students.


Marketing: internships

The marketing internship program (MKT 484) gives students the opportunity to receive upper division credit for paid or unpaid marketing internships.


New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experiences

Engage in meaningful research partnerships with faculty and other undergraduates. Gain experience that may make you more competitive when you apply for jobs.


Politics and Global Studies internships: internships

Internships are a great way to gain real world experience and connections while also continuing your degree! We have partnerships with a variety of corporations and government agencies, nationally and internationally.


Pre-health: research and internships

Learn about Arizona State University, local, national and international opportunities including events, internships, research, volunteerism, summer opportunities, study abroad, and paid and unpaid clinical experiences.


Pre-Law: internships and forms

Prelaw advising supports all current students and alumni interested in pursuing a career in law and the application to law school. 


Research at New College

The New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences supports reflexive, innovative, forward-thinking research, discovery, and creative activities.

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School of Art: internships

Internships can be a great way to build experience in your chosen field.


School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership: internships

Our internships provide indispensable opportunities to explore careers in public service, government, and the private sector; build your resume with professional experience; network with potential employers; perhaps travel to Washington, D.C. or abroad; and prepare for post-graduate degrees.

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School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence: internships

Our internship courses are designed to provide undergraduate students an internship experience in relevant industry and related sectors.


School of Earth and Space Exploration: Undergraduate research opportunities

Not only is research a great way to enrich your education and enhance your resume – beneficial both in a job search and in applications to graduate school – but it's fun and rewarding!


School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies: Undergraduate Research Experience

SHPRS’ Undergraduate Research Experience places undergraduate students into research assistant opportunities working with individual faculty members on their research projects through enrollment in HST/ PHI/ REL 494.

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School of Human Evolution and Social change: internships

The school’s summer internship and practicum program provides a flexible way for students to draw on the international expertise of our world-renowned faculty. Working with faculty mentors, students develop individualized plans for their summer. 

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School of Human Evolution and Social Change: Undergraduate research opportunities

The Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program offers undergraduates opportunities, to work with individual faculty members and their research teams on our school’s many outstanding research projects.

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School of International Letters and Cultures: internships

Domestic and international student internships offer valuable opportunities for students to gain experience in their field of study, help build a career path, and create a network of contacts.

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School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research

The SOLUR program promotes opportunities for undergraduates in the School of Life Sciences to participate in exciting biological research. Work side-by-side with faculty and other mentors and learn scientific investigation through hands-on experiences.


School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences: Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

REUs are excellent opportunities to gain valuable hands-on research experience while completing an undergraduate degree. REUs are available throughout the academic year, including summers, and at institutions across the country - including ASU. 

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School of Molecular Sciences: Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduates in the School of Molecular Sciences can enhance their preparation for careers in science by getting involved in cutting edge research.


School of Social Transformation: Undergraduate research

Research experiences help students gain even more from their undergraduate education. Undergraduate students work side­-by-­side with faculty mentors, as well as graduate students, on unique research projects ranging from prisoner’s rights to refugee support all while earning academic credit.

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School of Sustainability: Undergraduate student research

 It’s never too soon to get involved in research on campus – even as a first-year student in the sustainability degree program. In fact, the earlier you start, the further you can go.


School of the Future of Innovation in Society: Undergraduate research and internship opportunities

Undergraduate Research Fellows program is designed to give undergraduate students a chance to engage in research projects on science & society topics, working closely with SFIS faculty mentors.


T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics: Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Gain valuable experience while also receiving course credit by working with our faculty on a variety of research projects. Many research opportunities are available in the Sanford School for undergraduate students, even if you are not one of our majors.

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The Design School: internships

Internships can be a great way to build experience in your chosen field. Internships you’d like to have registered for credit must be registered and processed through Handshake


The SURE program: Sustainability Undergraduate Research Experience

The SURE program offers a tiered approach to research opportunities for undergraduate students in the School of Sustainability.


Undergraduate Research Scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University has several scholarships available for students who are interested in participating in research experiences with faculty.

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W. P. Carey School of Business: Internship and externship program

The internship course (FIN 484) is available to juniors and seniors majoring in finance, accounting and/or economics.


Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication: Immersive Experiences

Learning goes beyond the classroom at the Cronkite School with our signature professional immersion programs that offer real experience and guidance from professional faculty.


Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions: Internships

As a Public Service student, participating in an internship is the best way for you to gain practical experience within your chosen field. Each school has its own requirements and resources for its students to complete an internship, so be sure to check the website for the all the information you need.

Public service

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions: Undergraduate research program

Watts College students are highly encouraged to participate in research projects while in school. This program provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work with faculty, graduate students and other undergraduates on exciting and meaningful research projects.

Public service

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