Transfer Times

ASU Transfer Times: April 2021

Coming Soon: MyPath2ASU™ Technology Update

Arizona State University will be announcing some exciting enhancements to MyPath2ASU™ user experience next month! Updates include advanced features for articulation experts, enhanced functionalities for learners and a new look and feel. Stay tuned for new updates and technology demonstrations for May 2021.  

We look forward to sharing the updates with our community college partners and how we can continue to work together to help more and more students achieve both their associate and bachelor’s degrees.

ASU Online Excellence

As a top university for online undergraduate programs, ASU is a leading choice for transfer students.  With access to more than 250 online degrees and multiple start dates a year, ASU delivers quality online education with a focus on accessibility and excellence.

What sets Arizona State University apart?

  • #1 in the U.S. for Innovation: U.S. News & World Report: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
  • Transfer with Ease: MyPath2ASU™ includes 250 guided pathways to baccalaureate degree attainment at ASU Online after students complete their studies at their community college. MyPath2ASU™ allows students to take the steps needed, at the start of their college experience, to successfully plan their transfer to ASU Online, ensuring a smooth transition process and student success.
  • No wait list: Students who meet ASU admission criteria are assured admission to the university.
  • Exclusive tuition rates: No out-of-state tuition for ASU’s online programs

ASU Online is more than just a digital platform, it’s a community. Students receive the same quality education and prestigious diploma as on-campus students. This is because our online and on-campus programs are taught by the same renowned faculty members and use the same curriculum. And with a wide array of student support services just for online students, students are able to build a foundation to not only succeed, but to reach their full potential as well.

Learn what it’s like to join the Sun Devil community, discover what a course feels like and gain skills that will make you a successful student!



Academic College Highlight: College of Global Futures

The newest college at ASU, the College of Global Futures, houses the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, the School of Sustainability and the School of Complex Adaptive Systems.

Undergraduate programs in the College of Global Futures are transdisciplinary and help students acquire the skills and competencies needed to create change and develop innovative solutions to real-world issues. Our degrees complement other ASU majors, and many students pursue concurrent degrees in the College of Global Futures and other areas. With limited prerequisite courses, transfer students can often complete College of Global Futures programs within a favorable timeline. Check out our courses and monitor your progress with  MyPath2ASU™

In addition to academic resources, transfer students can connect with fellow College of Global Futures students passionate about creating a more sustainable, equitable, and vibrant future through student organizations. Experience professional growth by participating in research, internship and student employment opportunities. Make change in your local community through volunteerism and in-service learning. Enjoy our world-class scholarly network and wide range of extracurricular activities, mentorships and study abroad education to supplement degree program coursework. Students are invited to take advantage of our career development workshops and speaker series to explore possibilities beyond ASU. Transfer students can expect to graduate from the College of Global Futures prepared to tackle our world's most pressing issues.

We invite you to keep in contact with us through our social media accounts and the blog written by the dean. We look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to contact us and follow us on our social media channels.

College of Global Futures Social Media:







Meet Elizabeth from Mesa Community College

Arizona State University transfer student Elizabeth Figueroa always knew that she wanted to go to college — her parents inspired her, as they both had bachelor's degrees. 

As an international student, she first chose to go to Mesa Community College to save money, knowing that she would be able to transfer many of her credits to ASU. She participated in the MAPP MyPath2ASU program from Mesa Community College and is now studying  neuroscience with a minor in psychology from The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

But Figueroa doesn't want to stop there. She plans to eventually pursue her PhD to go into research and possibly to become a professor at a university.

Here we talk to Figueroa about her educational journey, and what research she hopes to conduct in the future.... read more

Student Story


MyPath2ASU™ Mondays!

Academic Alliances will continue hosting MyPath2ASU™ workshops for all students. Because our MyPath2ASU™  Mondays were so successful, we will now be offering students the opportunity to register for a webinar every other Monday.  As always, we hope you encourage your students to sign up for a session!

MyPath2ASU™ Workshop


Thank you for all you do to assist students in transferring to ASU.

Arizona State University welcomes and values the diversity and life experiences of transfer students. We offer hundreds of degree programs and a comprehensive, responsive network of academic, financial and social opportunities designed for the success of all students. Transfer students come to ASU with a wide range of goals and aspirations. ASU provides the tools that allow each transfer student to explore pathways to and through the university, toward personal and professional fulfillment.