Transfer Times

ASU Transfer Times: July 2021

Community College Partnership Updates

ASU Academic Alliances works with community colleges across the country to facilitate solutions for student success and achieve partnership outcomes. TheUniversal Articulation partnership model continually strives to create strategies and make technological advancements to support students on their college journey towards completing their bachelor's degree. Academic alignment, partner support, and a streamlined transfer experience are services delivered to assist  students and the staff and faculty that support them.

Over the past year Academic Alliances has established almost 50 Universal Articulation agreements to deliver over 400 articulated guided pathways into ASU on campus and over 250 online degrees.

We are proud to celebrate our newly onboarded Universal Articulation partners.


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July and August dates are open for registration! You can sign up to attend a live session, today!

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If your institution is interested and ready to discuss next steps for our Universal Articulation partnership model, please visit our website for additional resources and email for a one-on-one partnership meeting for your institution!

MyPath2ASU™ Training Videos

Academic Alliances is excited to announce our newest resource as a part of our pathway solutions for transfer student success. We’ve created training videos of the sign-up process for MyPath2ASU™, located on the Academic Alliances solutions page. Now staff and students can watch step by step the process for signing up for a pathway program. We encourage your students to check it out, then sign up for a pathway program, today!

Watch our newest videos!

Admitted Transfer Students: Next Steps

Now that your students have successfully signed up for MyPath2ASU™ as part of their transfer journey, they’ll need to be aware of the next steps once they have been admitted to the university. Admission Services has all of this information to help students transition to ASU on their resource webpage ! Admitted students can even download their very own fall 2021 resource packet, including a checklist of to-do items to prepare for the fall semester, in addition to valuable resources, My ASU information, financial aid and scholarship services, and more.

ASU admission specialists can further answer any questions and help guide students through each step of the enrollment process, to help ensure their first semester is a success. We invite your students to get to know their admission specialist as they begin their countdown to ASU!

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Academic College Highlight: Global Thunderbird School of International Business

The Global Thunderbird School of International Business prepares global leaders and managers with the future-ready skills and hands-on experience that transnational organizations around the world demand in order to seize the immense opportunities arising from this new era of profound technological transformation.

Offering four undergraduate degree programs that integrate cutting-edge, transdisciplinary curricula in global leadership and management with emerging technology trends and cross-cultural studies, Thunderbird’s unique combination of expertise areas spans sectors and disciplines, empowering leaders of global enterprises to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

Blending global business, public policy and international affairs, Thunderbird specializes in providing practical, real-world learning experiences to develop principled, agile executives, managers and entrepreneurs. With their global mindset and entrepreneurial skill set, students excel in leadership roles in every industry, enhancing performance in public and private organizations globally and advancing the school’s mission and vision of educating and influencing leaders who maximize the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to create inclusive, sustainable prosperity worldwide.

Learn more about the Global Thunderbird International Business undergraduate degree programs:

Start your journey to the Thunderbird School of Global Management withMyPath2ASU™ , and take the next steps to apply! For more information about the undergraduate programs offered by Thunderbird, please contact Olga Teran for additional assistance.


Transfer Student Spotlight: Valentin Madrigal

Valentin Madrigal is an Arizona State University transfer student from Central Arizona College. Inspired to pursue higher education to support his family, in addition to his fascination with space travel, he chose ASU for their renownedAerospace Engineering program, anticipating to graduate in spring 2024.

As a first-generation college student, Valentin chose to begin at a community college, as he struggled through high school and had very little knowledge of the American educational system. Coming from an underdeveloped part of Mexico that lacked a public education system, his parents had difficulties guiding him on his educational journey. He admits to having been an unmotivated student in high school because of impoverishment and family circumstances. Convinced that he would never be able to go to college with his low GPA and ACT score, Valentin joined the U.S. Army instead. With hard work and dedication, Valentin is now a Phi Theta Kappa honor student who was able to fund his education using the GI Bill.

Read more about Valentin's motivations for continuing his education and transfer experience to ASU.


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CCC Transfer Counselor Website Updates

ASU recently made updates to the CCC Transfer Counsellor Website. Updated ASU MyPath2ASU™ transfer information is located under the Out of State and University Transfer information section and Best Practices section under Program Maps. We hope these updates help you assist more and more students achieve both their associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Thank you for all you do to assist students in transferring to ASU.

Arizona State University welcomes and values the diversity and life experiences of transfer students. We offer hundreds of degree programs and a comprehensive, responsive network of academic, financial and social opportunities designed for the success of all students. Transfer students come to ASU with a wide range of goals and aspirations. ASU provides the tools that allow each transfer student to explore pathways to and through the university, toward personal and professional fulfillment.