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ASU Transfer Times: June 2021

MyPath2ASU™ Training Videos

We have created MyPath2ASU™ video tutorials as resources intended for transfer students and the community college staff and faculty that support them. To learn how to create a MyPath2ASU™, sign up for a pathway, and access the ASU My Transfer Guide account. Follow the quick and straightforward video tutorials below to explore the MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience.  

MyPath2ASU™ prepares community college learners for excellence upon transitioning to ASU. Every student's degree path varies. Course applicability for transfer is different by a community college and from state to state. The tools that encompass the MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience include over 400 course-by-course pathways into on-campus and online majors and assist students with determining the course requirements for their desired major from the very beginning.

Watch the video tutorials to become a master at navigating the MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience and share with your students how they can start saving time and money when preparing for transfer to ASU.

Create a MyPath2ASU™ Sign up for MyPath2ASU™   My Transfer Guide Login
Search over 400 course by course pathways into on campus and online degrees... By signing up for a MyPath2ASU™ students will gain a connected transfer experience to ASU... Once signed up for MyPath2ASU™. Activate and login to the ASU My Transfer Guide to utilize self-service tools...
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If students would like a step-by-step presentation and tutorial, please encourage them to register for a MyPath2ASU™ Monday webinar! 

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MyPath2ASU™ Technology Update Recap

For those that were able to attend, thank you for joining us for the MyPath2ASU™ technology update live session. And in case you missed our transfer updates, we’ve shared the latest updates in this spring 2021 enhancement video.


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Community Colleges In The News

Maricopa Community Colleges

Arizona Community Colleges

National Community Colleges

Cognizant announces partnership with the Maricopa Community Colleges ... Arizona community colleges ready to upskill and reskill workers for economic recovery ... Should competitive colleges admit more students? A few experts on admissions and education professors say it's time ...
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Academic College Highlight: Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation

The modern health care industry needs professionals who can deliver care both in the hospital and to patients throughout the community. That’s why Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation graduates receive hands-on experience in state-of-the-art simulation environments, develop innovative solutions with cross-disciplinary partners, and perform research alongside nationally-recognized faculty. Graduates receive more than a top-tier education. They receive the training needed for the next generation of health care careers.

The Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation offers multiple undergraduate degrees that prepare students for the challenges of modern health care. One of the biggest challenges for the future of health care is developing students who can think critically about existing problems and systems, and create innovative solutions and products to address these challenges. Our degree program in Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to help students rise to those challenges. The Community Health program helps students gain exposure to best practices for providing health care throughout diverse populations. In Integrative Health, students focus on using varied disciplines to provide a broad perspective on treatment. Through the Health Care Coordination and Health Care Compliance and Regulations programs, our graduates are prepared to navigate local and federal health care regulations to ensure patients receive safe, reliable service. 


The Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation also offers two unique,100 percent online BSN pathways that create critical thinkers and patient advocates:

  • Concurrent Enrollment Program: The Concurrent Enrollment Program enables students to complete their associate degree in nursing at their community college while simultaneously earning their Bachelor of Science in nursing at ASU.
  • RN to BSN Program: The RN to BSN entry option offers Registered Nurses the opportunity to complete their BSN in as little as 14 months. The RN to BSN program prepares students to be engaged, innovative professionals who utilize evidence-based practice and holistic population-based perspectives to facilitate positive change.
Attend a nursing information session

The college’s faculty are leaders in their practice areas and provide support and mentorship for student learning. Their years of hands-on experience provide students with valuable resources for understanding the challenges of health care beyond the classroom. Multiple outreach opportunities are offered throughout the college to further provide students a chance to engage in health care with students and experts from a variety of fields.

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We invite you to watch our fall 2019 Outstanding Graduate video highlighting Matt Eckles, known as the "The Pole Vaulting Nurse."

Matt Eckles’s story couldn’t have happened anywhere else. The Division 1 Athlete was able to make his dream of pursuing a nursing degree while still competing in pole vaulting a reality thanks to ASU’s willingness to think differently.


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Transfer Student Spotlight: Shanae Germick

Arizona State University transfer student Shanae Germick discovered she had an interest in politics while studying at a community college — but always knew she wanted to complete her bachelor’s degree at a university.

Upon graduating high school, Shanae thought it most beneficial to begin her studies at a community college to further explore her interests and career goals. Participating in extracurricular activities while at Paradise Valley Community College further helped her gain hands-on learning experiences in the political arena, and a clearer picture of her future.

Shanae successfully completed her associate degree prior to transferring to ASU, where she is now studying Political Science in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. She is also working for Academic Alliances as a Transfer Student Ambassador, educating prospective transfer students all about the benefits of ASU’s pathway program, MyPath2ASU™... read more about Shanae’s transfer journey to ASU!


Thank you for all you do to assist students in transferring to ASU.

Arizona State University welcomes and values the diversity and life experiences of transfer students. We offer hundreds of degree programs and a comprehensive, responsive network of academic, financial and social opportunities designed for the success of all students. Transfer students come to ASU with a wide range of goals and aspirations. ASU provides the tools that allow each transfer student to explore pathways to and through the university, toward personal and professional fulfillment.