Transfer Times

ASU Transfer Times November 2021

Partnership Highlights: Universal Articulation

Arizona State University Academic Alliances works with community colleges across the country to facilitate solutions for student success and achieve partnership outcomes. The Universal Articulation partnership model continually strives to create partnerships and make technological advancements to support students on their college journey towards completing their bachelor's degree. Academic alignment, partner support, and a streamlined transfer experience are services delivered to assist students and the staff and faculty that support them.

Academic Alliances now has established over 60 Universal Articulation partnerships to deliver over 400 articulated guided pathways into ASU on campus and over 250 online degrees.

We’re excited to welcome the following institutions as newly signed partners:

Want to learn more about partnering with ASU?
November and December dates are open for registration! You can sign up to attend a live session, today!

Ready to partner?
If your institution is interested and ready to discuss next steps for our Universal Articulation partnership model, please visit our website for additional resources and email for a one-on-one partnership meeting for your institution!

Digital Resources: MyPath2ASU™ Pathway Brochures and More



ASU is proud to offer a multitude of digital resources for our transfer student population. Learn more about transferring to ASU with our MyPath2ASU™ pathway program, the American Indian support services available, Universal Learner courses, Barrett, The Honors College, and more. We invite you to take a look. Learn to thrive at ASU!

National Transfer Week Recap

National Transfer Week

In support of our transfer students and those who assist them, Arizona State University was proud to host a week-long series of events to coincide with National Transfer Week. With a diverse array of virtual sessions and guest speakers, we were excited to have over 380 participants in attendance. You can still check out the recorded sessions designed for community college administratorsASU staff and students, these will be available for the next four months!

Transfer Student Spotlight: Hilda Olsen

student stories

Central Arizona College transfer student Hilda Olsen wanted to return to college because she knew she needed to obtain an education to better support herself and her children. She also wanted to set a good example by showing them that if you work hard, you can reach your goals.
As a recently divorced, single parent, Hilda chose to first go to CAC because it was a more affordable option for returning to school after a nearly twenty year absence, and felt that completing her associate degree would better prepare her for pursuing her bachelor’s degree. Returning to school as a non-traditional, first-generation student, Hilda states that “there were so many things that I did not know were even available to me,” so she sought out new experiences to help her navigate this new environment. One of the ways she became involved was by joining Phi Theta Kappa, a two-year honors society, which helped her become more connected to the school and to other students and faculty on campus. 

Hilda's advice to new transfer students is to "Get involved on campus! This is probably the single most important thing you can do as a transfer student. Whether in a student organization, student leadership role, working in an on-campus job, all of these will help you to get connected to other students with a similar program of study or similar interests and hobbies. Having these personal connections and relationships will help you when you have questions or need additional help and resources. Never be shy to ask questions and ask for help; everyone on campus is here to be a resource to help you be successful." 

Read more about Hilda’s journey to ASU, and watch her Tips for Transfer video for helpful information!