Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week

Individuals with a deep curiosity about the natural world around them grow up exploring their backyards and neighborhoods trying to learn more about the rocks, trees, rivers, and skies. Maybe you’ve wondered about Arizona’s water future, how to ensure sustainable energy in a heating desert, or what’s behind the Arizona night sky. October 11-17, 2020 is Earth Science Week and this month is a great time to explore more about how you can take that curiosity and turn it into a career.

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) promotes Earth Science Week every year, and this year’s theme will be "Earth Materials in Our Lives." This year will focus on the ways that Earth materials impact humans — and the ways human activity impacts these materials. Now more than ever it is important to understand our impact on our planet and how we can work to preserve and maintain it into the future. 


What Careers Are Available in the Earth Sciences?

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Careers in Earth Science are in high demand and offer competitive salaries. These careers will also provide you with the opportunity to expand on your interest in the natural world while staying at the forefront of new technology. Possible careers include geophysicistshydrologists, and astrophysicists. Explore other potential careers in the burgeoning field of clean energy. Check out this informational interview with a professional in the field who shares what it takes to succeed in STEM careers. You can search for jobs in geosciences at the Geological Society of AmericaAAPG Career Center, and the AGI Career Page 


Earth Science at ASU

Earth Science Week


While there are lots of entry level jobs in clean energy and earth science related fields, ASU is also preparing graduates for advanced careers through the School of Earth and Space ExplorationLearn about ASU’s SESE and undergraduate degree programs such as Earth and Environmental Studies and Earth and Space Exploration. ASU is at the forefront of interdisciplinary research in the earth sciences and undergraduate students have the opportunity to get involved early on in their studies. 


Pathways for the Future in Earth Sciences and More

Prospective students might be unsure of where to begin. If you are interested in a potential career in the earth sciences, the Pathways for the Future award and scholarship program (PFF) will help you navigate the transition to these academic pursuits on your way to a successful career. Reach out to a PFF admissions representative at (844) 353-7775 or at for more information and for help in the application process. PFF scholarship and award applications are due March 31, 2021 and are open to current or future ASU students interested in courses/programs in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Fulton School of Engineering, or W.P. Carey School of Business.


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